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Q: What is a girl cow name?
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What was the name of cow girl in Toy Story 2?

Her name was Jessie.

What is the name of the cow girl in Toy Story?


Is there a nother name for cow?

i know that a cow is a older and a mom of a bull or heffer, which a cow is a mom and a heffer is a young girl cow who has not had a calf yet.

How did Elsie the cow get her name?

A girl named Elsie gross won a milking contest. And they named the cow after her

Cartoon green cow blondie girl or boy The cow can transform himself into things?

the cartoon's name is mamemo

What is the girl cows name on Mickey Mouse?

Clarabelle is the name of Mickey Mouse's cow friend.

Is a camel cow a boy or a girl?

A camel cow is a female or "girl."

what doesa girl has 3 and a cow has 2?

sorry my Q was wrong ans is what doea a girl has three and a cow has 4 ans:- letters cow girl 3 4

What is a good name for a red haired girl cow?

Poppy, Ruby or Scarlet

When was Mad Cow-Girl born?

Mad Cow-Girl was born in 1961.

What is a good name for a puppy that looks like a cow?

bessy for a girl bevo for a guy

How do you know that spongebob is a milk cow girl?

He can't be a milk cow girl if he's a boy

What is another name for a female cow?

A cow IS female. So, another name for a "female cow" is.....Cow.

When did Mad Cow-Girl die?

Mad Cow-Girl died on 2010-07-04.

What is the female name for cow?


What is the common name for cow?

A cow.

What is another name for the female elephant?

Cow.CowA cow.

What is your definintion of a country girl?

Well, too me a country girl is basically a cow girlrides horseswear cow girl bootsand like to show off their boobs

What is the name of cow feces?

Cow feces, cow pats, cow crap, cow pie, etc.

Scientific name for cow?

scientific name for cow is Bos taurus

What do you call an old cow?

And old cow, old granny cow, Granny cow, old girl or anything similar that is a synonym for an old cow that is not derogatory in nature.

What is the name of the oldest cow?

bob the old cow bob the cow

What do you call a girl elk?

A Cow

Who is the girl cow in barnyard?


What is the sound name of a cow?

A "moo cow."