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This means a girl wetting her pants on purpose

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What does getting wet mean?

It's when a girl is sexually aroused or "horny" and her vagina starts secreting fluids that make her "wet".

When a girl says you are wet what does that mean?

It means they're turned on. Getting wet happens when a girl is sexually aroused the vagina gets lubricated so the penis has an easier time getting in. There does not need to be penetration after being turned on though.

What do you mean by girls getting wet?

the term "Girls getting wet" means that its a part of the sexual intercourse wherein the girl literaly gets wet to cum shots... don't need to explain further you know the rest

Why do you have wet dreams and you are a girl whos ten?

it means you are getting to puberty right... i am a ten year old girl who has dicharge and a wet dream i am in 5th grade wat does it mean if a girl has a wet dream?... I had one sex in it. ugh yuck doese it mean i am close to puberty or wat ppl. thx bye.

What does wet hairstyling mean?

getting your haircut while its wet

What does 'mad as a wet hen' mean?

Hens don't like getting wet, it makes them angry. So if a person is sore as a wet hen, that person is very angry.It means a girl is mad... because hens dont like getting wet...She is extremely angry and furious.

What does it mean if a girl is wet?

Shes is turned on? basically.

Will a girl get wet when she's being pressed again her vagina by her lover?

well depends on the girl. and i am just going to be breif, some girls are really hard to get wet and wont get wet by things like that, however some get wet really easy. EXAMPLE: girl who gets wet easy will get wet by makeing out, PRESSING AGAINST, butt grabbing i mean the list goes on, however girls who dont get wet really easy can only get wet by getting "ate out" or "fingered" it just depends.

What does it mean when a girl get wet?

When a woman is sexually excited, the vagina releases a natural lubricant fluid. This is pretty much the counterpart of men getting an erection.

What does it mean when a girl gets wet?

A girl gets wet when shes horny. its pretty much like lubrication for the penis to go in easier.

Ways to prevent getting wet in the forest?

how to prevent getting wet in the forest how to prevent getting wet in the forest how to prevent getting wet in the forest

When do you consider a girl hot?

U consider a girl hot when u find her attractive or start getting wet around her

How do you know if you need to lubricate a girl?

if you, or she, can not get her wet then you might need to. If you don't know what getting her wet means you don't need to be asking this question.

What does as silly as a wet hen mean?

Nothing. "Mad as a wet hen," however, means very angry, as chickens are supposed to hate getting wet.

Is wetness in girls important for girl for getting pregnant?

A girls vagina getting "wet" is served as the purpose of a lubricant. It has nothing to do with fertilization.

Can you wet your whole American Girl doll's body except her eyes?

You shouldn't get your American Girl doll wet at all. While the plastic on her arms, legs, and head is durable, getting her wet will loosen the joints in her body and can damage her fabric torso.

Why does a girl get wet?

To make the insertion of the penis easier. we get wet if we are horny or if we masturbate

What does it mean if a girl likes to touch her vagina?

She probably wants to get wet or masturbate

What does it mean when a girl has a wet dream?

That they had a dream that they had sex with a guy without condom

What is name of girl's semen?

Girls do not produce semen. When they are aroused her vagina will moisten with a natural lubricant. The expression is "a girl is getting wet from kissing you" "honey are you wet?"

How long does it take for your American girl doll's eye to rust?

American girl eye rusting depends on how many times the doll gets wet. Some dolls eyes will never rust, but if the girl who owns the doll is constantly getting the dolls eyes wet maybe once a day then in about a month the dolls eye will rust, but you can always send the doll to the American Girl doll hospital :) Try not getting the doll wet. Getting the dolls eye wet two times won't rust it, but constantly will cause the doll's eyes to rust. Hope this Helpes, Renesmee

What does it mean for a girl to get wet?

It is when a girl is turned on sexually and her vagina becomes moist. If you are not "wet" enough, (usually for sexual intercourse) this can feel very uncomfortable. If you are not "wet enough" you can purchase a lubrican which makes stimulation easier. You can get "wet" from foreplay, watching porn, or basically anything that turns you on.

When a girl is really wet does it mean she is pregnant?

No, a woman's vagina is always wet/moist due to discharge which keeps it healthy and clean. The vagina get more wet when she's aroused.

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