What is a good APR?

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It depends on what you are getting credit for. A home loan with an APR less than 5.5% is good. A credit card with an APR of 15% or less is good.

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Q: What is a good APR?
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What is a good APR when buying a car?


Cheap APR loans are easier to receive if you have good what?

Cheap APR (Annual Percentage Rate) are easier to get if one has a good income and good credit background, both of which the loaners will surely check.

Is 1.9 percent APR for 60 months good?

No, it is great!

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Which companies offer low APR credit cards?

First of all, APR is annual percentage rate, or how much of a percentage companies charge you for using a credit card or asking for a loan. One company that has low APR rates is "Citi." Although looking for companies with low APR rates is a good idea, a person can further lower their APR rate with negotiation.

What is disclosed in APR?

APR is annual percentage rate. That rate would be stated in the APR.

What is the abbreviation for April?

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When was APR FC created?

APR FC was created in 1993.

What is higher APR or interest rate in mortgages?

The APR is the rate plus certain fees over the life of the loan. If there are no fees, the rate and APR are the same. If there are fees, the APR is higher than the rate. The more fees, the higher the APR.

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