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Q: What is a good bead website?
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Does any one know of any good bead shops in Manchester?

The Bead Shop in Affleck's offers a good service, they have a website too

What is a small ornament you put on your bracelet?

It's called a charm. They are still available, but they can sometimes be hard to find. Good luck!

Where can you buy starter Bead Kits?

You can buy stater Bead Kits at multiple places. For good bargains, amazon and ebay are good choices. Bead Buddies offers a wide selection and variety.

A small ball that can go on a necklace?

a bead

What are some good bead stores in Indianapolis?

Indianapolis has several bead shops. Bead Angels, Heirloom Classics Beads and Jewelry, Silversmithing Class, Beads, Dragons and Rainbows, and Taylor's Trinkets are some of the bead shops to be found there.

What are some animal pony bead patterns?

the best website for that is they have lots

What is a cylinder bead?

A cylinder bead is usually called a bugle bead.

What is a straight weld bead on the surface of a plate with little or no side to side electrode movement called?

A narrow, straight weld bead that is created by moving the SMAW electrode straight along the weld joint. A quality stringer bead should have good tie-in on both sides of the weld.

Which companies are good bead and jewelry manufacturers?

I recommend "Marti's" www.jewelryby

What is the meaning of the ghost bead necklace created by the Navajos?

Good luck and protection.

Is a UV bead the same as a regular bead?

No. A UV Bead will change color when exposed to sunlight.

Anyone know any Hama bead designs?

i sometimes make little coasters to put your cup on with fancy designs like multicoloured squares getting smaller and smaller i also make fun things like a lipstick love heart a sweetie and cupcake's.There are some good website ideas like :- you-tube bead merrily flickr google images and sites like that i hope i helped.

Where can one purchase bead charms?

Bead charms can be purchased at stores that specialize in selling jewelry making tools and materials. Additionally, online resources such as Amazon and eBay are good places to look.

Can wax on car not bead up and still be good?

depends on if you let it haze up or not

What is a bead breaker?

A bead breaker is a tool or device used to separate a bead from a tyre rim.

How many beads should be present in rudraksha mala?

Mainly for complete and good meditation,mantra,chanting as well as different puran supreme hindu book described mainly 108 bead, for which each bead of 108 bead rudraksha 'mala' contain gayatri rudraksha mantra as well as various mantra.Also Rudraksha mala can be worn and recited mantra of 54 bead and 27 bead rudraksha.

What is a antonym for bead?

an antonym for bead is sead

Where to buy the price cheap and good Pandora jewelry and Pandora bead? has a nice selection

What is overpopular?

it is social network website it is one of good website in social network helloworld good website good website nice website

How do I get my Captive Bead Ring on?

Pop the bead out of the ring , feed the ring into the piercing and snap the bead back into the ring. Simple

Tina has a bag of beads She takes a bead at random The probability that the bead is white is 0.6 What is the probability that the bead is NOT white?


Is a 3 mm bead larger than a 6 mm bead?

A 3mm bead is half the size od a 6mm bead, however in welding you have to also add in penetration. A 3mm bead with a penetration of 100% is equal in size to a 50% penetration 6mm bead. 1/2"*3mm=1.5mm; 1/4"*6mm =1.5mm

There are four equally spaced beads on a circle. How many straight lines are needed to connect each bead with every other bead?

The first bead needs three lines to connect it to every other bead.The second bead needs two more lines to connect it to every other bead (it's already connected to bead 1).The third bead needs one line to connect it to bead 4 (it's already connected to 1 and 2).The fourth bead is already connected to all the other beads, so no additional lines are needed.That's six lines total.

How do you attach a bead cap to a bead?

You really don't attach a bead cap. What you do is string it (on flexible media or something rigid like a headpin). A bead cap is used for enhancing the beads you are already using by adding more "bling" to one or both sides of the bead you string it with.

What is an angle bead?

An angle bead is a bead worked on or fixed to the angle of any architectural work, for example protecting the angle of a wall.