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Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer is the best book about World War II Germany.


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maybe something to do with wizzards make it start or finish with that word maybe wizzard world wizzard nation

You're doing it backwards ... The title comes LAST. Finish your book and you'll find your title from what you have written.

You're going about it backwards -- the title comes fromthe story, not the other way around. Finish your book first, then the title will come out of what you've written!World of Wolves (if the book is nonfiction)

Clothing would be a good start. Maybe then try dressing up as a character.

There are many very good kindergartens in the world. To find the best one in your area, start with looking in the yellow pages of the phone book.

Holden defines a "good book" as one that "after you finish reading it, you'd like to be able to call up the author and talk with them".

Scholastic easy readers are a good start.

Dying is a good start, but until you finish decomposing you're not done.

You're going about this backwards, I'm afraid. The title comes last - after you finish the book. You can find a good title once you have everything written down.

Every thing which makes a book realistic one . It can be characterization, plot, ending, action, suspense etc. The book is good if we never want to leave it and to finish it because we want to find the ending.

Most scientists agree that at some point the world will cease to maintain life. The actual when of it is an unknown. But the bible as a book of prophecy is 100% accurate so far. Chances are very good it will continue to be the authority on this subject.

A new year, 2012, the time is right to start a book. "You must, first, believe in yourself." The idea to start a book is exciting, but requires determination and effort. "Three to five pages per day" will have you completing it in a short time. "Live your dream," and start a book.

Yes, the 39 clues books are very good. My favorite one is the tenth book, but you should start with the first book. There is also a new 39 clues book coming out, maybe that's going to be good

There were many different paths of the underground railroad, depending on where you started. The most common finish was in St. Catherines, after crossing Lake Erie. One good book about the underground railway was called "Underground to Canada" by Barbara Smucker. To find out more, google it. PS. United States was mean.

Because it is the most well known book that will point you to Jesus and eternal life. The Gospel of John is a good place to start.

A good book report requires: * A solid structure - introduction, summary, analysis and conclusion. * Good writing, including spelling and vocabulary. * It would help to use a quality book to start with - and reading it!

In order to write a book, you must have:A good ideaInteresting charactersThe drive to keep writing and finish the bookThe drive to edit and revise until the book is the best you can make it

It depends on how good of a friend they are, but I think a gift card, book, or a hobby-related item is a good start.

Stephanie Meyers first book was Twilight ; good start huh?

You can't start a sentence with "And". It is incorrect grammar. If you seen or read a book with a sentence starting with and, the editor of the book didn't do a very good job.

A jack rabbit start is never a good idea. Start out slow and pick up speed at 50% to the finish. Back off if necessary.

Pruning is typically done in the dormant season, winter. It's good to start after harvest and finish before the weather starts to warm up in the spring. Try and finish by April.

Matt Eastman's book is a good place to start.

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