What is a good brand of leak detection dye?

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2010-03-01 22:31:25

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Tracer Products are very good. Another commonly used one is Interdynamics.

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2010-03-01 22:31:25
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Q: What is a good brand of leak detection dye?
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Where can I purchase leak detection dye?

Tracer Products sells a fluorescent leak detection dye on Amazon. It is a multipurpose dye that can be used for oil based fluid systems.

Does using leak detection dye in my kitchen sink going to harm the plumbing at all?

No. Leak detection dye is perfectly safe for all sorts of fixtures. It will also not contaminate your drinking water.

What is the procedure for leak detection of an accumulator?

Buy a refrigerant with leak detector (dye) and use usual procedure for filling

How can you find an air leak in an inflatable pool?

There are products for leak detection. Basically they are dye solutions that are dripped into a completely still pool, near potential sites of leaks. The dye solution will lead the way to the leak -- hopefully. Many pool dealers carry the product. There are companies that specialize in leak detection, using sound detection equipment or techniques. Depending upon the type and location of the leak, it may be possible to add a leak sealer to the appropriate location. A leak sealer product, such as FIX A LEAK can create a permanent seal in walls, floors or the filtration system. A pool professional dealer should have FIX A LEAK available and be familiar with its usage. Good luck and I hope that the information will prove helpful.

How do you fix an air conditioning leak in on a 1999 dodge grand caravan?

You have to find the leak and repair or replace the leaking part. The normal methods for leak detection are with a ultra voilet dye and a black light, or a electric leak detector ( sniffer )

Where can you get a powder to put in your pool to detect a leak?

Leak detection dye can be purchased at any number of pool repair/maintenance companies/websites; it can also be found on eBay. There is no powder you can put into a swimming pool to detect a leak.

What is a good speedball brand for paintball?

Dye is one.

Is the air conditioner freon green?

Freon is colorless on its own. The refrigerant oil can have a tan color, while a leak detection dye would be yellow.

What is a good brand for hair dye?

sarsoon ka tail.

How do you test for refrigerant leak in 1990 Plymouth acclaim?

With an electronic leak detector or fluorescent dye.With an electronic leak detector or fluorescent dye.

What is the best brand of black hair dye and where do you get it?

Manic Panic is the best brand for black hair dye.

Is there anyway to stop leaks in a underground return line for an inground pool?

Consult an underground leak detection service that specializes in pool leaks. They may be able to fix with out tearing up the deck. Or, you can grab a kit. There are kits nowadays that you can use to find and stop leaks. Also, you can use a dye test! What you do is get a dye syringe and the dye will actually lead you to the leak by "leaking" into the hole. Then you can fix it with vinyl putty! And, VIOLA, it's fixed!!!!

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