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What is a good combination of clothes on Club Penguin?

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Ninja Outfit

The flutterby (Hair doo)


Ninja Mask


the flutterby (wig)

backstage pass

red rock guitar

red and black puffle jacket with white top

blue sneakers





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How do you change colors on clothes on club penguin when there is a storm?

I don't think you can, without club penguin storm or some other thing like that. Good Luck.

How do you send your friends clothes on club penguin?

sorry but you cant send clothes just postcard put that is a good idea.

How do you send people on club penguin clothes?

For all that I know there is no way to send cloths to your friends in club penguin even though that would be a good idea... someone should create that, but you know club penguin... fun. but glitches and stuff...

What does who's good in Club Penguin mean?

Whose good means who is good at dong...on club penguin.

How good is Club Penguin?

club penguin is good,amzing,fun. the best game ever

What are good club games?

club penguin

Where is the combination Club Penguin mission?

Its under the sofa in the managers room. Put it in the computer and it will tell you the combination. Good luck! :)

On Club Penguin how do you make a snow sculpture?

You send a Club Penguin Drawing to the club penguin website and if is good enough then they will make it into a sculpture for you to stay in the Club Penguin City . The information should be in the daily newspapers on Club Penguin.

What are some good chat rooms for kids 12 and up?

Club Penguin is fantastic for that age area. You do have to buy a membership though if you want to buy clothes for your penguin. Check out their website for the prices. The link to Club Penguin is listed in the "Related Links" below.

What is a good online site besides Club Penguin?

Some good websites besides club penguin are franktownrocks and moshimonsters.

What games are good for getting coins in club penguin?

Aqua grabber and fishing are good for getting coins in club penguin.

Are there any virtual penguin games?

Club penguin. The original club penguin game is Penguin chat, it isn't as good but I find it amusing. :)

How do you become administrator on Club Penguin?

email them and ask club penguin Good Luck <3

On club penguin in the squidzoid vs shodow guy and gamma gal?

what does that mean?Keep on playing club penguin folks!Its good for you!:) what does that mean?Keep on playing club penguin folks!Its good for you!:)

What is a good name for a blue penguin on club penguin?


Can you become a member without paying in club penguin?

Yes, but you would have to hack into it which is not good.... or you can use club penguin cc which is good

What are good Club Penguin horror movies on youtube?

one is the "late night in club penguin" series

Is club penguin more populur than webkinz?

yes i play club penguin in webkinz but i get borad on it easyly webkinz no not the best club penguin is very good

What is a virtual world like club penguin?

webkinz is quite like club penguin but not as good with chatting. A good one is tootsville or chobots.

Is Club Penguin safe or is there bad guys on there?

There are mostly good people on Club Penguin but some people are bad. If they are bad they get reported straight away and will be banned from Club Penguin.

Is there any good websites like club penguin?

Webkinz, Buildabearville, Neopets, but club penguin is one of the best!!!

How do you use cptrainer3 for Club Penguin?

your answer is not good for club penguin,genral areas so no this question is answered with a simple no

Where are some good clubs at?

club penguin

What is a good website for club penguin cheats?

A good Club Penguin Cheating Website is and it just came out on Friday August 31 2012

Can you cheat on club penguin for a good reason?

No you can't cheat on club penguin for a good reason because it is not right to cheat and people won't like you for that!