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Depending on what is most important to you, the education or the sport, The University of Idaho has a very well respected engineering program.


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Very good There are somewhere around 1600 total scholarship spots available each year in Division I men's basketball. Figure thousands and thousands of high school basketball players are contending for those 1600 spots. So, logic would tell us that for a player to receive a scholarship to a division I school for basketball one would have to be in the top 1% of all high school basketball players nationwide.

The University of Texas at Austin (Cockrell School of Engineering).

My first choice in Michigan for an engineering school would be the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Michigan State in Lansing is a good engineering school in Michigan also.

he was a good high school basketball player

You have to have good grades and you have to go to school and you have to have a good jump shoot and good score and good defence and best or can play in basketball.

The Dayton Flyers men's basketball team is a college basketball program. Dayton is one of the top-50 all time winningest Division I college basketball programs.

Play high school basketball. Be really good at it. is the site where one can find the audio engineering school in NY and they also offer the scholarships which is a very good option to get the degree.

It is the best in Textile Engineering and overall engineering school is very good.

Amity School of Engineering has been ranked the number one pvt Engineering School in India for placements by Dataquest Magasine. Amity is the only one in Delhi and around to offer aerospace engg

What is your school's basketball team's ranking, in the nation and the state.

He was the 6th or 7th man on a championship high school team in a state not noted for its quality of high school basketball. He did not play college basketball.

Well, one way is if you play basketball in high school and your really good at it. High school coaches might tell colleges or vice versa and BAM, you get a scholarship to play at a college. But don't bother going to a 3 division basketball college league, they will never put you on the nba. And plus you can tryout at some colleges too.

CHeck out for information.

tlu (texas lutheran university) is a good one to look into

be really good in high school and go or get a college basketball scholership then go to the nba.

If you were a good player in high school, you would not have to worry about this. Generally college students play college ball when they receive a scholarship to play in high school. These scholarships could range from full-ride scholarships to partial scholarships.You only need good grades (to be eligible for college) and to be good at basketball. The chances of getting into a good basketball college (Duke, North Carolina, UCLA, Kentucky, etc.) are very rare. The chances of getting into a division 1 school are still rare but a little more common.

romeo and Juliet or love and basketball

Engineering schools are open to men and women. You can study process engineering or manufacturing engineering. There are many more choices. IT engineering is a good choice also.

The requirements on a high school basketball team vary by each school, but usually consist of good grades and good attendance. Skill is also something the coaches value.

Seemly, it has been well known. I think it is.

Yes, IF you are good enough then try out for a competitive basketball team and they don't play for schools.

he practices but that he did work in school

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