What is a good fashion designer online?

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2010-02-16 18:40:52

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There are several designers that offer clothing online. Check out or These sites specialize in selling discounted designer apparel and accessories from a large selection of designers and companies.

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2010-02-16 18:40:52
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Q: What is a good fashion designer online?
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Where would one find a good deal for some fashion designer clothes?

A person would find a good deal for some fashion designer clothes online. Some websites that offer big discounts on fashion designer clothes include Bluefly and I-ELLA.

How can you become a popular fashion designer?

If your really interested in becoming a fashion designer you should definitely check out

How can you be a successful fashion designer?

Be good!

What personality traits do you have to be a fashion designer?

you have to have a good fashion sense.

What does it takes to become a fashion designer?

GCSE'S and a good designer and a good left hand !!

Explain the role of a fashion designer in athe fashion industry?

a very good fashion designer can through his creative ideas in athe fashion industry. He can produced comfortable dresses by using soft materials in good looking combination. A good fashion designer look at what the fashion direction have been in previous seasons, keep an eye on knowledge of their own.

Is there an online game like imagine teacher?

No, there is not an imagine teacher game on the internet but there are sevaral online games like it. These are Fashion Designer NY, Fashion Designer World Tour, Fashion Star, Movie Star and Make Up Mania!

Do you need to take special classes to learn how to become a fashion designer?

To become a fashion designer you will need to obtain a college degree in Fashion Design. You can also take college courses online.

Where can one learn online how to become a fashion designer?

It is impossible to learn everything about being a fashion designer online, as one must go to school to properly learn these skills. However, one can find patterns and learn about sewing, as well as research fashion by using online resources.

You are an artistic girl what would be a good job for you?

You couldbe a fashion designer, An artist. and an florist designer.

What do you have to be good at to become a fashion designer?

art, maths, textiles

What are the active online fashion schools in the US?

If you are looking for universities that offers online fashion school you can check The Art Institutes. Some of the courses they offer are Fashion Design and Fashion Management. You can become a Fashion Designer or a Garment Manager.

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