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Ares is good

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โˆ™ 2011-01-25 21:06:58
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Q: What is a good free program to get free music?
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What is a good free music making program?


What is the best free program for editng music?

Audacity is a good program you can go on goggle or and find it.

Where can you find a free music making program?

Audacity. It is a very good sound editor and music maker.

What is a good way or computer program to mix music?

The best free program to edit audio recordings is Audacity.

Can anyone reccommend a good Programme to download music online for free?

uTorrent is a very good program

What is a free program you can download free music like limewire?

Frostwire. the music is free

Does university of Houston have a good music program?

yes, they do have a good music program!

What is a good virus free music downloading program for free? is pretty cool. all in Russian but it's not let me down once...

What is a good program to download music for free?

Utorrent. Altough you need to download torrents and these can take days on end.

What is the best program to download music for free legally?

Probably the best program for free and legal music is iTunes. Most of the music requires purchase, but there are many opportunities to receive free music too. Downloading music without paying for it is stealing from the artists and publisher.

What is a good free music making software?

Audacity is a good free audio recording program. There aren't any free programs with all the features of Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Sonar or Fl Studio.

What is a good program to use to edit music?

i dunno about edeting music but fl studio is a good program to make music and sound fx hope i helped

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