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give her your love and a big gift give her your love and a big gift


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A good birthday gift for a fourteen year old girl would be clothes. Gift cards and jewelry would be good gifts as well.

Yes because that is there birthday gift from you and that is the nicest gift ever!

a good gift is be the closest friend she/he has ever had

You can buy a good 4g phone for your friend's birthday gift at any tmobile dealership or online at

A good birthday gift for a man would be sport tickets. Maybe he is into baseball or basketball. Tickets are the best gift because they can enjoy the sport with a friend or spouse.

If you received a gift from someone at your birthday party, your only requirement is to send a thank you note or card. If you are invited to a birthday party, you should bring a gift, however if this person is not having a party you do not have to give them a gift. You may choose to acknowledge the birthday with a small gift, a card or your personal good-wishes.

Some ideas for birthday gifts can be gift certificates for a movie. Try to think of his hobbies or interests to help you think of a good present for his birthday.

It depends on what he likes

A good birthday prank. Surprize him with a really bad gift like poo in a box xD

A card and a gift card to their favorite restaurant or shopping store

Depends on who's birthday it is... if its a good friend or family definitely give a gift. Giving flowers to a friend is fine to.

Gadgets, tools, grilling stuff.

that depends on the age of the sister.

Think about what he likes, his collection or his hobby.

Whilst flowers can be great 21st birthday gift ideas it is always nice to give something which will last and bring back happy memories each time they look at it. A birthday gem is a nice gift idea for a 21st birthday.

A gift is a present, whether given at a birthday or not. A gift given at a birthday is usually called a birthday present.

he would love gift cards or a photo album he would totally love him

A really nice smelling candle, that is always a great gift!

Birthday gifts should be purchased in time for the person's birthday. Normally belated birthday gifts are fine with a good excuse, but it might be awkward to send a gift more than a couple weeks after a birthday.

some good websites include : where lots of people can write articles about what they did to celebrate a person's 70th birthday. Next would be the site: where the administrators list gift ideas that are creative.

Two words...Sticky Kicks!

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