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Q: What is a good gift to get someone who is having their batmitzvah?
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What is a good gift for someone with Alsheimer's?

A picture frame with you and the prudencia perdón having a good time. Perhaps smiling

What if your friend is having her 13th birthday party and I am invited you have NO idea what to get her and the party is in 3 days what should you get her?

If you are unsure of what to get someone for a birthday gift, a gift card is always a good choice.

What is a good gift for someone to give their doctor?

A good gift for someone to give their doctor would be a card, a fruit basket, flowers, a gift card to a book store, a coffee cup with little packets of hot chocolate inside.

Is and Xbox subscription card a good gift?

An Xboxlive subscription is a great gift for someone who would enjoy it.

What is a good gift verses a bad gift?

A good gift is a gift that someone loves. If you give a gift to someone and he/she appreciates it, then it is a good gift. Good gifts are also gifts that give meaning in a nice way. Bad gifts give rude meanings. Bad gifts surprise people and people seem irritated and feel uneasy with a bad gift. Gifts are given to be good gifts. Bad gifts are simply thrown away and never kept as part of people's lives.

Are Toy Story 3 toys a good gift for someone who has not seen the movies?

Toy Story 3 toys make a good gift for someone who has not seen the movies as they are toys which can be enjoyed independently. Board games and video games can be enjoyed by children. As well, characters can be interacted with during playtime, without having seen the movies first.

What is a good gift for purchase?

The best gift to buy for someone is an gift card. Amazon sells everything from clothing to electronics. The gift recipient can then choose what he/she wants.

Is there a service in the US that enables you to send a bottle of good spirit as a gift to someone?


What is the anniversary gift for thirty five years?

Having a good night (if you know what I mean)

What does it mean when someone has a good retort?

It is said that someone has a good retort when they have said something creative or original in reply to something said to them. Having a good retort is the same as having a good reply.

Where can you find sparkles for your hair?

You can go to your hair dresser they do a really great job I did that for my batmitzvah or you can go to claires for the less expensive,less of a good job

What does good willed mean?

It refers to someone having good intentions.