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What is a good hair style?

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Curled hair, loose and straightened hair, wavy hair, bunched hair (basically a bun), high hair, tousled hair; anything that you like or look for hair extensions maybe. You can buy them from £10 to thousands.

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How do you style hair?

i mousse is good

What is a good hair style for a boy?

a fro dude

How do you do your hair for middle school?

it depends on where you live. different places have different trends for a girl a good hair style is half up half down with your bangs down. for a guy a good hair style is a fohawk.

What style is good for short hair?

a cute bob, or maybe even layers. if you like the boy hair style go for it, but i personally wouldnt.

What a good hair style for 11 year old with short hair?

my hair is to short i want brash it but it is to short

Why is curling your a hair good?

Curling your hair is good because it gives you a new style that doesn't cost a lot. Curling your hair is not good for the hair because it can dry it out and cause heat damage.

If a girl in middle school has long hair What is a good hair style?

ids. lottsa thm.

What should I do to style my hair?

To style your hair, accentuate your hair, braid your hair, or straighten or curl your hair.

What is a good way to style curly hair?

you can scrunch it or curl it with an iron.

What is a bob hair style?

A "bob" hair style is when a girls hair doesnt touch her shoulders. A hair style that is only very short.

Is washing hair daily bad or good?

It's good to be clean, but no its not good to wash your hair everyday especially if you want to style it because hair always styles better if it is not squeaky clean.

What is a good hairstyle if you have dark brown hair that's mid-length?

a good hair style is wavy or you need to flat iron it

How do you style my hair?

long island medium hair style

What are good hair style websites?

Check out this website:

Is a side ponytail a good hair style?

it can be it just depends on who were's it ^w^

Who has good style?

Good style depends on the taste at the time. Also, if ppl think it is the style. Good styles can be unique, something common like pigtails. However I personally think right now the styles are: bangs, hair brushed to the side, long hair. Just a tip if you want good style ur gonna need healthy hair so take it from me not to straighten or anything. Seriously, split ends are my menace :D lol, they suck

I have red hair and need a hair style?

Long hair style suits on red use

Short hair styles?

A good hair style is two buns at the side of your head a bit like prepelars. Or you can tie your fringe to the side . These are good i have tried them !

What is the hair style in grease the musical?

the hair style is like funky big poffy 80s hair

Style of hair Zac Efron uses?

He uses such cute hair style!

How to do bellatrix's hairstyle?

Well it doesn't need to be black but of course bellatrix has black hair. If you have thick hair, good! Sleep on it and when u wake up u should have really really tangled hair. Then style it in bellatrix's style and tie it with a hair band that blends with your hair. That is all.

What is a good hair style for a thicker girl?

you could try a bob cut or a wrap

Does anyone know some good hair style websites?

yes new york

Can you still style emo hair even though you have thick hair?

YEs you can it doesn't matter about the style of your hair

What type of hair style does Erie has?

Erie's hair style is a short bob and her hair colour is blech blond.