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the Louisiana purchase...............

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Q: What is a good history project on debating?
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What is a good interesting history project to do?


Use debating in a sentence?

High school debating teams are good training for future work as a trial attorney.

What is a good civil war history day project?


What is a good project to do about the Smithsonian?

You could do the history of it, or find a cool item that is there and tell about it.

What are the release dates for Debating Christianity from Below - ReWriting the History of NCCFI the Script 2007?

Debating Christianity from Below - ReWriting the History of NCCFI the Script 2007 was released on: USA: 16 November 2007 (Communication Conference)

Where can one find good tips on debating?

There are quite a few helpful sites one can use to improve debating skills. The UK site Debating Matters and the University of Vermont both have websites with useful tips on improving debating skills.

What is a good black history project?

oprea winfrey or marther luther king jr.

What are 3 good topics about a social studies project?

Maria Antwanet, Anastasia, and the history of pacman i do not think this is a good idea

What is a good site for Chinese history?

The best site I know for research on Chinese history is Chinkopedia is now working on a project to include all of China's history.

Is the great wall of China a good history project?

It could be, assuming that you are studying history in which the Great Wall is relevant. Look into its history, construction and usefulness. The best thing you could do is check with your teacher to be sure that this project will have a scope and depth that is appropriate to the assignment.

What is a good chatshow name for a history project on Henry VIII th?

tonight with...the tudors! tonight with...the tudors!

What is the web address of the History Project in Boston Massachusetts?

The web address of the History Project is:

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