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What is a good homemade weed killer?

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Homemade Weed KillerYou can make a homemade weed killer using white vinegar, salt and dishwashing liquid. Most people call this a weed killer, but it is actually a vegetation killer. It will kill anything it comes in contact with and will change the composition of your soil. If you spray it on your lawn, it will kill the entire lawn and you will not be able to plant new grass for some time. The same is true in your garden. You will not be able to plant where you spray it for several months. So before you do it, think twice. Mix a gallon of white vinegar with a cup of table salt and 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. The dishwashing liquid makes the solution stick to the plant leaves. Make sure you shake the solution to dissolve the salt

Keep in mind that many plants have already dropped their seeds, so the weeds are going to come back. The best solution to eradicate weeds is spend the time to pull them out when they first appear for several years and use the solution to spot kill weeds in a garden but not a lawn.

Homemade Weed Killer #2If weeds appear in the cracks of your sidewalk, the easiest and least expensive method to remove them is to simply pour boiling water on them. This method will kill any weed without using chemicals or changing your soil. This spot treatment can be difficult in tight areas of gardens, but is still very feasible with careful application.
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Thistle weed killer that is homemade?

Pee in a bottle and use that.

Can you make a homemade weed killer which does not kill flowers?

it depends what it is made out off.

What is a good homemade fertilizer for weed?


What is a good weed killer?

Roundup is my favourite

Why is salt a good weed killer?

too much salt in the soil prevents the plant from gaining water through its roots, that said salt is NOT a good weed killer

Example of a selective weed killer?

2,4-d selective weed killer.

Is Bronco an organic weed and grass killer?

No, Bronco is not an organic weed and grass killer.

How do you kill ragweed?

Use a broad leaf weed killer...or any weed killer.

Can you kill Dichondra without killing grass?

You can try killing Dichondra by simply pulling out the weeds. Another option is a homemade weed killer. Vinegar is a great and inexpensive way to keep your lawn weed free.

Can you use Clorox as a weed killer?

Yes, the Clorox can be used as a weed killer. It is a very effective weed killer. Extreme care should be taken as it is very toxic.

What is in home-made weed-killer?

Salt and vinegar are what is in homemade weed-killers. Salt deprives weeds of moistures and puts uncomfortable crystals in the ground whereas white distilled vinegar's acetic acid makes the ground far too acidic for weeds to survive.

How long after putting weed killer down can you sow grass seeds?

The waiting times for sowing in grass seeds aft using weed killer depends on the brand of weed killer, how much was used and how strong the weed killer is. The waiting time would be on the packaging.

Are you killing bees?

Yes;if you spray weed killer on your yard Yes;if you spray weed killer on your yard

How do you make homemade weedkiller?

It is with salt or vinegar that homemade weed-killer tends to be made. The salt may be either diluted for pouring or spraying or sprinkled while the white distilled vinegar is diluted heavily or slightly for pouring or spraying the ground.

What is the effect of weed killer for the area?

The effect of weed killer for the area depends upon the type of ecosystem, herbicide, and weather. A weed killer that is contact, non-residual, target-specific has little impact other than upon the weed to be eliminated. A weed killer that is residual and non-target will impact the immediate vegetation.

Can bamboo be a weed killer?

It's not so much a weed killer as a killer weed! Many people consider bamboo to be a weed -- a noxious weed! When introduced into habitats to which it is not native, it quickly spreads, frequently in uncontrolled fashion, choking out native plants, including the desirable ones.

What is destrol?

a weed killer

How can you controlled the weeds?

You can by mowing, weed whacking and weed killer.

The lawn is turning yellow from using grass and weed killer what can you do to save it?

weed killer has turned my lawn yellow

Can you spray weed killer on grass?

Depends on the weed-killer, but generally the answer is 'no', unless you want that grass dead as the weeds.

Does homemade weed killer also kill bugs?

Yes, some homemade weed killers also kill bugs while others do not. For example, diluted salts, diluted vinegar, and hot water number among the world's homemade herbicides. Acid overloads, dehydration and desiccation, and drowning and scalding represent the fatal consequences that stop many bugs from completing life cycles and natural histories.

What was the name of the weed killer used to defoliate vietnam's jungles?

the weed killer was called 2,4-D or agent orange.

What is the active ingredient in weed killer?

This depends on the individual container of weed killer in question. The makeup of weed killer varies significantly depending on the purpose for which it is intended. Look on the label of the product; the active ingredient will be clearly stated.

How do you get rid of the alligator weed?

weed killer, pull out all the roots.

What are some popular weed killers?

One of the better and more popular weed killer products is RoundUp. Other good options are Ortho Weed B Gone, Bonide Products Concentrate Weed Beater, and Turfix.