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Homemade Weed KillerYou can make a homemade weed killer using white vinegar, salt and dishwashing liquid. Most people call this a weed killer, but it is actually a vegetation killer. It will kill anything it comes in contact with and will change the composition of your soil. If you spray it on your lawn, it will kill the entire lawn and you will not be able to plant new grass for some time. The same is true in your garden. You will not be able to plant where you spray it for several months. So before you do it, think twice. Mix a gallon of white vinegar with a cup of table salt and 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. The dishwashing liquid makes the solution stick to the plant leaves. Make sure you shake the solution to dissolve the salt

Keep in mind that many plants have already dropped their seeds, so the weeds are going to come back. The best solution to eradicate weeds is spend the time to pull them out when they first appear for several years and use the solution to spot kill weeds in a garden but not a lawn.

Homemade Weed Killer #2If weeds appear in the cracks of your sidewalk, the easiest and least expensive method to remove them is to simply pour boiling water on them. This method will kill any weed without using chemicals or changing your soil. This spot treatment can be difficult in tight areas of gardens, but is still very feasible with careful application.
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Q: What is a good homemade weed killer?
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