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Any idea that is interesting enough to you will be a good idea. You cannot write a story or novel based on ideas that someone else invents - you won't be interested enough in the subject to be able to research and write anything that will actually sell. Plus, anonymous people on the internet have no idea how old you are, what your interests are, or how well you can write!

In order to write, you need a personal connection to the subject. Write about whatever you enjoy, or whatever you find interesting, and you will end up with your novel or story.

WikiAnswers is happy to help you learn how to write better. We will not do your writing for you by giving you ideas and paragraphs to copy.

Here are some more suggestions from WikiAnswers contributors:

  • Write about what you know. A good idea for a first novel is to write your own personal story. Everyone has at least one novel in them waiting to be written.
  • Observe the world around you. Anything interesting can be an idea for a story or novel.
  • Research. The more you know, the more ideas you will have.
  • Read stories and books that other authors have written in your chosen genre. This way, you can see how other people do things.

Remember that Middle Earth is copyright by Tolkein -- any stories you write will be fanfiction, and you won't be able to sell it.

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Q: What is a good idea for a Middle Earth story?
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