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There are many great exercises you can do to work on the inner thighs. Lay on your side on the floor and lift your leg up and down for 20 repetitions. Do not let your leg touch your other one. Now, rotate and do the other leg with the same 20 repetitions.


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Some of the good home workout for equipment for beginners are jogging and walking in place. Jumping jacks, leg and arm raises, twirls and twist and others.

* Lots of places. You can get good used equipment on Craigslist. You can get new and refurbished equipment online. * eBay is an excellent source.

The best equipment for a cardio workout are treadmills, eliptical machines, and exercise bikes. You can simply go for a run for a good cardio workout, too.

XS workout videos are hands on free weight training videos.

Fitness equipment that appear on TV are sometimes good depending on the brand and what sort of workout you are looking for.

Soccer is a good sport , it helps a person to remain fit as the game requires full body workout and not just legs

Special equipment is not necessarily required for working out abs. However, the exercise bell is one of the best equipment for abs. BOSU and Core Max are also good matches for your abs.

The best type of exercise equipment for a beginner are dumbbells and a home workout video since they help make the most amount of noticable change in the beginning.

The P90X Workout is a 90 day plan that can be purchased on the internet. It is relatively expensive and complex and requires a serious commitment to exercise. Another is a plan by Good Housekeeping.

You could actually have a good cardio workout plan without using any equipment. There are exercise tips which you can read on like walking, jumping jacks, push ups and so much more.

Yes, the elliptical is a good piece of gym equipment to have in your home because it gives you a smooth comfortable workout that simulates walking or running. Also you can use it for target areas by changing the incline.

The plank workout is a really good abdominal exercise.

boxing is a wonderful workout! when you box you workout almost every part of your body. i am in boxing and we workout our arms legs and abs.

Pushing an SUV is a good workout. Just like NFL's Walter Jones, he pushes an SUV around for off season workout.

It might be a good idea to join a gym, as buying all the equipment on your own can get very expensive. You'd need a complete set of dumbbells, a weight bench and weights, a treadmill, a stationary bike, and other pieces of equipment to get a complete workout.

BMI is a good, simple start. Measuring bodyfat is another way, but requires special equipment.

... uh ..... its a trapezoid workout thats good. in other words, its a workout that's good for trapezoids. i hope im not saying anything wrong, sometimes im not sure what im sayin' \o/

You can get a good ultimate workout from using tapes to joining a gym. Here are a few sites for you to checkout Music The Mix , and

Squats are one of the best things you can do for your inner thighs - your hip adductors - though I'm guessing someone who is asking this question isn't someone who spends a lot of time in the power cage. You can use resistance machines and, more effectively, cables for this type of workout, and they should be fairly visible in the gym. If you're trying to work out from home, I don't know the answer. But the best exercise for inner thighs, as with just about all muscles, involves a barbell and a lot of weight.

Actually swimming is an excellent workout that works out your whole body and does a great deal of good for your overall well-being. One workout is featured at:

Aerobics will be good for a 10 minute workout. It will burn fats and all your muscles will be used in the said workout. It is also good for cardiovascular exercise.

It is best to talk to a trainer to get personalised workout plans as cardio and gym equipment can cause damage to joints.Good starting exercises include swimming and walking

I looked into this about post workout shakes and this site also states a person needs a good post workout meal. Well here is the site for you to look at

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