What is a good job someone 14 can get in elmsdale?

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Lawn care
Newspaper delivery
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Good jobs for 14 year olds?

Since the normal working age is 16 in most places and for most jobs, generally 14 years old will have a difficult time finding a job. Although there are things that you can do

What is a good job for someone who likes cats?

Unfortunately, liking cats is not a good recommendation for finding a job where you would have a great deal of contact with cats. Most animal care jobs require an ability to m
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What jobs are good for someone that likes creating?

You can do any of the fine arts (painting, sculpting). A set designer or costume designer for movies and plays is another great choice. Basically anything hands on is good for
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What is a good job for someone with Asperger's?

A good job for someone with aspergers is something that requires some form of repetition, as they are most likely to benefit from this.
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When someone is good at there job?

a person is good at their job if they have been working a long time at the job and do a lot of hard work
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What is a good job for someone who is social?

A good job for someone who is social would be one where the employee comes into contact with members of the public. Examples of this type of job are bar staff or shop assistan