What is a good lightweight bmx bike?

first off a good bmx bike for a noob is a next choas around 100 dollors not pro tho.A meduim bike is dk any bike from there bike supply for around 250 to 300.A pro bike is gt slammer that's what i have.Very light when you take off brakes and pegs but mostly pegs brake are like one pound.Around 400-500 dolloars. the choas is 40 pounds but is light for a cheap bike. dk is around 30 pounds and gt slammer is around 23 to 25 pounds with all things on it. i would say more band for your buck
we The People make strongt, light bikes aswell as kink and eastern. buy a wethepeople ABD pushy they might be a bit heavy but there good trust me ive got 1 ;)
bmx special