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Some spoonerisms: * I love cop porn. * Go in with buns glazing * hollow your fart * rental deceptionist * This could be my ducky lay * hot Poles * candle with hair * I hit him with a blusing crow * We have a plaster man. (master plan) * you have mad banners * a well-boiled icicle (well-oiled bicycle) * you really sock my knocks off * chewing doors (doing chores) * I am craught a nook! (I am not a crook)I have to pill the physician * chipping the flannel * clappy as a ham * go shake a tower (take a shower) * roaring pain (pouring rain) * Spamela Hamderson * Dandy McOwl * Yes, wiater, I'll have the chilled grease * Don't spew up your screech * as the flow cries * bjound grief * sues and shocks * brunch lake

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Q: What is a good list of spoonerisms?
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What was the name of the English comedian who told stories in spoonerisms for example Cinderella and her sisty uglers?

There was an English TV show "The Two Ronnies".One of the Ronnies did wonderful spoonerisms, his last name was Barker.

Do spoonerisms have to make sense?

They should be understood as a play upon words despite context .

What part of speech is the word spoonerism?

The word spoonerism is a singular noun. The plural form is spoonerisms.

What are spoonerisms?

There was a college dean who was always saying things like "shake a tower" (take a shower) and "cake a bake" (bake a cake), reversing the first letters of words. The dean's last name was Spooner. So his students started calling his messed up words "spoonerisms." See the Related Link below.

Accidental switching of the first letters of words If you have hissed my mystery lesson 10?

One word for that is "spoonerisms." See the Related Link.

How do you use the word 'spoonerism' in a sentence?

Example sentences using the word 'spoonerism' might include ones like these:John loved to mix up homonyms deliberately as one way to make humorous spoonerisms, such as: Let me sew you to your sheet. (for Let me show you to your seat.)Spoonerisms can easily confuse the listener, who expects to hear the correct words.People who frequently use 'spoonerisms' risk being misunderstood, rather than the desired effect of joking around.Authors might deliberately use 'spoonerisms' to enlarge a character's traits within the story.Spoonerisms should be used sparingly, and only for effect, since overuse of these tactics may irritate and annoy listeners or readers.Let me sew you to your sheet. (Let me show you to your seat.)That run ewe had was quite a feet. (That run you had was quite a feat.)For score and seven ears ago, our forefathers... (For score and seven years ago, our forefathers...)Yawns and Merry were quite opposites. (Hans and Mary were quite opposites.)

What has the author Jacques Antel written?

Jacques Antel has written: 'Le contrepet quotidien' -- subject(s): French wit and humor, Spoonerisms

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Spoonerisms are the result of interchanging syllables and sounds within words, thereby changing meanings. This process and those like it are technically Metatheses, and this is the proper category for them.

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It is when you switch letters of two words in a phrase. Example: You mean to say..."I am falling apart" and what you actually say is " I am palling a fart"...a comedian named Norm Crosby made a career out of spoonerisms.

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