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Speed of Light

Gravity Runners

Concrete Poetry

Flipping Out?

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Q: What is a good name for a parkour group?
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What is a good parkour group name?


Is 'sky steppers' a good name for a parkour group?


Are nike 6.0 good for parkour?

Any shoe is good for parkour; the movements are what important.

What is storror?

parkour and freerunning group from England

What is a good parkour name for someone quick or fast?

swifty speed or dragon i think

Is a skate park a good place to train for parkour if not then where?

You can practice parkour anywhere.

How do you come up with a parkour group name?

u make iit out of iis Team Zero OR as we say Uniit ZeRo (Z) or (xZx)...watever sounds good iit wiil be ur team name

What makes the Yamakasi group famous?

The Yamakasi group is most famous for being the very first French group to practice parkour. The 9 young men in the original group took their name from the Lingala language which is spoken in the Congo. The word basically means strong body, person, or spirit, which are all needed in the practice of parkour.

What group of guys perform the building jumping in Europe?


Are vibram bikila good for parkour?

Any type of shoes are good parkour; being able to the movements properly is more important.

Looking for cheap shoes that will work for Parkour. Do you know any?

Feiyues are good for parkour, and I am not sure if they are expensive.

What is better for parkour adidas climacool or Reebok reeflex?

Either one you prefer the most; shoes are not that big of an importance in parkour; properly learning and doing the movements is.