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The no fears of tears expiriment!

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Q: What is a good name for a science fair project about preventing onions from making you cry?
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What would be the variables for a science project with the topic of which will not make you cry chewing gum while cutting onions or chilling the onion before cutting it?

chill the onions before cuttin it

Do mice eat onions?

Yes. I did a science fair project on that and ithe mouse ate most of it.

Is watching a whole onion grow in water a science project?

Simply watching something grow is not a science project. For it to be a science project, you would have to keep records concerning the growth of the onion. You would need to record how it grew each day. You would need to record the temperature. Science involves keeping careful records. Better yet, you could grow several onions, one with no fertilizer and others with different types of fertilizer. Science involves record keeping not just observation.

What is shallots called in Hindi?

shallots are mini onions mostly used in making sambhar.

Do onions contain citric acid?

Pickling is often done with vinegar, which is diluted acetic acid, making whatever is pickled acidic.

What are the different types of cuts of onions?

* There are whit onions, Purple onions and all sort of onions * There are whit onions, Purple onions and all sort of onions

What is the plural possessive form of onions?

Onions' is the plural possessive of onions

What are the typical ingredients in making parsnip soup?

The typical ingredients in making parsnip soup are parsnips, onions, garlic, unsalted butter, carrots, celery, gingerroot and the herbs thyme and nutmeg.

Can a Spanish onion replace a vidalia onion for making onion rings?

Sure, I have used what onions I had on hand white, purple and yellow.

What are the best vegetables for making quick stirfrys with sirloin steak?

Tomatoes, onions, and peppers give steaks great taste when they are in a stirfry.

Are cocktail onions shrunken onions or small grown onions?

small grown

Are onions fruit?

onions aren't fruit they are in-fact vegetables