What is a good place to take a 15 year old girl on her birthday?


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There are many great places to take a 15 year old girl on her birthday. You can arrange a spa visit for her. Another good choice would be a shopping spree.

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A nice place to take a girl for her birthday is Paris on a shopping spring.

The best person to ask would be, in fact, the girl.

Take a trip to Tallahassee, loads of things to do in the city centre for all ages, museums, parks and the capitol building for starters.

take her to a special place and then ask her "will u be my girlfriend'? and then kiss her

For she never forget your birthday, and keep respecting the choice you make,to some extent,you can judge that the girl friend take good care of you and fall in love with you.

because she was a girl of the year and had to retire for the next girl of the year to take her place.

A romantic way to ask a girl out on her birthday would be to take her flowers and ask her in person.

Questacon but if his birthday is in spring take to Questacon and floriaid

A better place to take her would be downtown and go a snackin' with them hobos. Ya'll get what im saying?

Take her to her favorite place. Maybe she likes to go to an italian resturant or she likes to go to the movies. Surprise her. ;) Good luck!

Here are some birthday ideas for your girlfriend.You could take her out to eat or just invite her over to your place for dinner if you're a good cook. You could also buy her a nice big box of chocolates.

Depending on who that person is. Your brother,sister,friend,etc..... If you have the key of course you can do it. Or so that party in someone else's house. You can take the birthday guy or girl to a really cool or nice place.

Caius Cassius's birthday. That day, his birthday also becomes his death day.

i believe the cinema is the best place :)

Mill Creek Park is a great place! Or Cedar Point is nice, too. There's also places like Lake Eric, etc...

On a unnamed Caribbean Island.

for a teen girl, you can give any clothing or accessory. Or you can take her to a great diner.

oh, thats easy. take her to a surf shop to where she can make her own board

find out what drives her crazy, girls like jewellry or simply take her out.

my birthday? a presidential election?

buy her flowers and take to her favourite place for a meal

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