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What is a good program for burning a movie on a CD?

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nero suite

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What can one do with the Nero Burning Rom program?

The program Nero Burning Rom is a program to burn either CD,DVD or Blu-Ray discs with on ones PC. At it's core Nero is a burning program, but over the years a vast amount of additional features have been added to the Nero suite of programs like movie production programs.

Where do you get CD burning software?

You will get a good, free CD burner software on the following link

How can you play a song with .kar extension on a CD player?

Use cd-burning software compatible with the .kar extension, to burn an audio cd. If this software is not availible, use a file-conversion program to convert it to another format (.wma, .mp3, .ogg or .m4a are more conventional formats), and then use a cd-burning program to burn an audio cd. Note that a cd-burner and software are required.

How do you transfer music from your computer on to a CD?

You need CD burning software and a CD burner, first off. Then, in your CD burning software, you generally select "Create a Music CD." You then simply drag tunes onto the CD within the program, and the software automatically changes them to the correct format for a CD player. Once your CD layout is full, hit the Burn button, and when it finishes, you have a CD that you can play in a CD player.

How do you get files from a CD onto Windows Movie Maker 2.6?

Import the files to your computer from the CD, then import them into the Windows Movie Maker Program.

What is burning Cd's?

Burning a CD is recording data onto a CD.

What is burning of CD?

Burning of a CD means that you laser write data onto the silver surface of the CD.

What is a good cd burning software to back up my files?

CD burning software is usually available on a wide scale of variety's so it depends on what you are looking for< the CD burning software the typically comes with the computer is most likely what you want because it has a variety of uses.

How do you put song into blank CD?

you need to have a computer with a CD writable drive, and you need a program capable of burning a cd. usually you drag and drop then hit the button that says "write" or "burn"

Audio CD your question is how to copy the Contents of audio CD to another blank CD?

Use a burning program that is capable of copying to a temporary folder then can burn that to a disk (exact copy) or (copy disk)

What is a CD R?

its a type of burning cd

What is the function of CD-ROM drive?

A CD-ROM drive enables one to read information written on a compact disk. It also makes it possible to write data to a CD using a burning program.

What music files can be played on a Cd or DVD player?

Raw CD audio can be played, although some players have MP3 functionality. You need a burning program (encodes music to a CD) to make a proper CD, because copying the files onto a CD will not work.

How does a person copy pictures from one CD to another CD?

There are several burning softwares that allow you to burn one CD to the other CD. Koyote Soft is a good site to check out if this is what you are trying to do.

How do I encrypt a DVD so that no one else can copy it?

Look at . This program creates protected CD/DVD and includes own CD burning module..

How do you name a CD?

You name a CD when you are burning it. There is usually an option in the software that you are using to name the CD. The default is usually the date and time in a certain format of when you finished burning the CD.

How do you convert audio to CD?

You need a CD-burning software.

How do you watch a CD on computer without burning the CD?


How should you format a blank CD-r for photos?

Unless the disc is a CD-RW you do not format a CD-R. If you format a CD-R you will make the disk unuseable. Just use a burning program and highlight all the photos you want on the disk and put them on it.

What are some steps on how to burn a CD?

To burn a CD, users must first make sure their laptop has a CD-RW drive and burning software like Roxio. They only need to insert a blank CD, queue the music to burn and then let the program do the work.

How do you burn a cd-rw in win xp with a dvd-burning drive that does not see to recognize cd-rw discs?

use a program called recordnow it will walk you through it...

How can you burn a CD from movie maker?

In the Windows Movie Maker program:> Open the Task Pane (if it isn't already open)> Under Publish to ____ choose Recordable CDFollow the instructions provided.

How do you install an ISO program?

ImTOO ISO Burner is an easy-to-use ISO burning program with intuitive interface. And it can burn ISO file to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD+R DL. With the burning software, you can choose the write speed and it will verify written data after burning process to ensure the usability of the disc content. The ISO file can be data CD/DVD image, bootable CD/DVD image, media CD/DVD image, and so on.

Is burning a CD the same as copying a CD?

Yes ,it is the same thing

How do you take music from LimeWire and put it on CD?

Yes, just download the Music and use a good program to make a audio CD - not a data CD, because a data CD will not work on CD players, only computers