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What is a good program for burning movies on a DVD?

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Look for software at Softpedia or Cnet

2008-10-30 05:08:36
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Q: What is a good program for burning movies on a DVD?
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I want a good and easy program to burn DVD please?

I used this software AS DVD Rip N' Burn Wit this program you can rip to vcd for burning a vcd to play in your home DVD player. Try it it is so good

How do you copy a DVD?

1. Download Install a DVD burning program.2. Launch the DVD burning program on your computer.3. Insert the DVD into your computer's DVD drive.4. Click on copy DVD5. Wait for the copying process to finish6. Remove source DVD and insert blank DVD7. Click continue8. Wait for the burning process to finish9. Remove freshly copy DVD and that's it!DVD Copy Ultimate is a choice of DVD Burning / Copying program.

Can you burn movies from a emachine if so can you tell me how to do this?

If your emachine is equipped with a DVD burner, then you will be able to burn movies. You will also need DVD burning software that is capable of burning movies, there are many options available.

Is a DVD burner software or hardware?

A DVD Burner is hardware. Software would be stated as a DVD Burning Program.

How do you save digital camera photos and movies to DVD?

First you must upload them to the hard drive on a computer, then with a CD burning software program you burn the photos or movies as data. It will convert and will use less space. Check out Camera Video to DVD tutorial below

How does one burn a DVD on a laptop?

Burning a DVD on a laptop is just like burning a DVD on a desktop computer. One must have downloaded movies or videos on the laptop, a blank DVD and a DVD burner. One can burn the DVD to play on a DVD player or burn it to a DVD folder.

What software do you use to burn a DVD?

for basic burning, ex. data burning, pictures and files, all you need is a simple DVD burning software. however, for advanced burning, ex. copying protected dvds, burning split discs, burning episodic movies and etc., you need a DVD burning/authoring software. it really depends on your DVD burning needs. best that you choose an all-in-one DVD burning/authoring software that lets you burn from simple to more advanced burning functions.

How can you burn DVD and play them on DVD player?

You need to have: a computer, some blank DVD roms (you can get them in most shops) and a disk burning program for your computer. With your DVD roms and DVD of choice at the ready you simply have to follow what the program tells you to do.

How do you burn a DVD to a DVD?

This depends on your DVD burning software but this is normally how the DVD burning process takes place. 1. Open your DVD burning program 2. Insert the DVD movie you want to copy 3. The programs detects the DVD movie in your drive, select copy DVD. 4. Wait for the copying process to finish. When the DVD burning software is done copying it will pop out the DVD movie you previously inserted and will ask you to insert a blank DVD. 5. Insert a blank DVD. 6. DVD burning process takes place. 7. Be patient and wait for the burning process to finish, when its done the DVD burning software will pop out your newly burned DVD. That's it!

Should you use DVD-R DVD Plus R or DVD-RW?

DVD-R and DVD+R are actually different formats developed by different organizations. DVD-R is the older of the two, and are better for burning DVD movies to play on your home DVD player. Alot of older DVD players do not support DVD+R type discs so burning your movies using DVD-R will make sure your movies work. DVD+R Have better performance in newer DVD drives, and is usually better for data backup and archiving.

Do you need a DVD burner program to burn a DVD from bit torrent?

Yes, a DVD burner is needed to burn a DVD from bit torrent movies.

How do you convert a movie and burn it on a DVD?

You can use softwares capable of burning to disk to create such dvd movies.. the softwares can be downloaded online

How do you put downloaded movies from LimeWire onto a DVD?

Burn them. Either use a regular burning program that burns it to a DVD and use the DVD as a data disk, or use a program that can convert it to the right format. For the first option, you could watch the movie on a computer if you put the disk in, then explore the disk and double click on the video file. However, you wouldn't be able to watch it on a DVD player. If you do want to watch it on a DVD player, you'll have to pick the second option. Get a program that can convert the file and then burn it to the DVD.

How do you watch any divx DVD on your Philips DVD player model 3166?

Copy the downloaded movies to DVD by burning the DVD as data format. Once done, insert the DVD in the player, browse to file and play it.

Can you use DVD-r to burn movies?

Yes, but it depends on what DVD disc your DVD burner supports. Take an example, I could burn my movies and videos to DVD-r, DVD+r, DVD-rw, DVD+rw because my DVD burner supports those discs. And please note that you need not only a DVD-r, but a DVD burner software to do the burning job.

Besides DVD-r what other standards are available for burning DVDs?

Besides DVD-R, there are other standards and formats available for burning DVDs. This includes DVD-RW, which allows you to burn, delete, or rewrite information on the disc. While DVD-R cannot be edited once finalized, DVD-RW discs can be used over and over for burning movies or even music.

You have bruned a lot of movies in form of iso files on to DVD minus R discs but now you only have DVD plus R discs left and it wont work may it be the program that is the problem?

Most likely not. Many DVD player's still don't recognize the +R disks. Then again, did you change the program settings to make sure you're actually burning a `plus R' disk?

Where can one purchase classic movies on DVD?

A person can purchase many classic movies on DVD on online sites. Some sites such as ClassicFlix, MoviesUnlimited, and BarnesAndNobles offer a good variety of classic movies on DVD a person can buy.

How do you install an ISO program?

ImTOO ISO Burner is an easy-to-use ISO burning program with intuitive interface. And it can burn ISO file to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD+R DL. With the burning software, you can choose the write speed and it will verify written data after burning process to ensure the usability of the disc content. The ISO file can be data CD/DVD image, bootable CD/DVD image, media CD/DVD image, and so on.

How burn a DVD-R with a Mac?

I know that Nero doesn't support DVD-R burning, so you may consider what the best application that you can use to burn movies on DVD-R is. Aimersoft DVD Creator for Mac is a perfect solution for burning various movie files to DVD-R discs. It can directly convert and burn any videos to DVD-R with high quality.So check this tutorial out (You can find it easily from Google)...How to Burn Movies to a DVD-R on Mac?

Do you need a DVD burner to burn DVDs?

Yes, you need a burner or a burning software to burn movies or videos to dvds so you could play them on your dvd player.

How do you put movies from your computer on to a DVD?

Assuming you have a DVD burner, you need to download a program that writes your file to the disc in standard DVD format. If you do not write it in this format, DVD players will not be able to play the disc.

Hi please you want a good program to play DVD movies with high quality?

Use DVD Player, it is one of the most efficient and powerful tools ever used to play DVD movies. By using this player, you will be able to grab snapshot and save it as an image and grab snapshot and save it directly as wallpaper. Download it from this site:

How do you copy portions of a DVD?

The current trend of DVD videos, movies especially, feature a lot of extra elements such as DVD chapters, subtitles, photo galleries and menus. These are contained in those .VOB or .IFO files, as part of the DVD file package that when played, are multiplexed collectively as a stream form. Creating DVD videos to contain DVD chapters, menus, subtitles and like will require more than a bit of skill in video encoding. However, with just a little bit of understanding on how video encoding works and a capable DVD burning software. You can create your own DVD movies or burn DVD episodes from scratch without problem. The easiest way to create DVD movies to contain chapters and menus is copying from sources that already have these features. Most legally bought DVD movies have these features and a capable DVD burning software can copy all DVD chapters, copy selected episodes or copy selected chapters. Take note that most commercially produced DVD movies use some kind of copy protection scheme which often affects .VOB files. Making duplicates of these copy protected DVDs using any DVD burning software will create inferior or even unplayable versions of your movie. The key really, is the DVD burning software used.

How can you play videos you downloaded from the Internet on your DVD?

Well, you need to burn downloaded videos to DVD. All you need is DVD burning software. I myself use one called Aimersoft DVD Creator (perfectly compatible with AVI), highly recommended. How to? Well, firstly, you need to download Aimersoft DVD Creator and launch it. Secondly, import your downloaded movies to the software. Thirdly, edit movies, organize your slideshow. (Optional). And then, click Burn tab to start your burning. It takes one or two hours. It's pretty simple. Good luck. Download at: