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I am a 3rd year graphic design student and the best program for photo editing is Adobe Photoshop. It is the best. However it is pricy so if your only going to be using it for minor photo editing I suggest MGI Photo Suit. For Photoshop look it up at and MGI Future Shop or Best Buy is your best choice.

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Q: What is a good program to buy for editing digital pictures?
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Is sky digital a good program for editing pictures?

Sky Digital is a company that provides bundled television, internet, and telephone services. They are similar to other larger providers such as Charter, Comcast, TimeWarner, or ATT Uverse. Sky Digital is not a program that can be used to edit pictures. For that purpose, you might want to consider Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.

What is the Capture One computer program used for?

The Capture One computer program is used for photo capturing and editing. It is a program which does a good job of importing digital images and specializes in the editing of them.

How can I find a free audio editing program?

Audacity is a good audio editing program.

What is a decent video editing freeware program?

I am trying to make a Parkour/Free running video with some fellow traceurs, and I need a good video editing program. We're filming with a Flip Video camera, and it comes with a novice editing program. But its not good for what we want to do.

Where can one find a book on editing digital video?

Books on editing digital video can be found in on-line bookstores such as Amazon and Good Reads. You may also find this book in the Digital Media section of your local bookstore.

What is a good link to find pictures of women's feet?

not my answer just editing.... but your link is below.

What is a good editing digital photography software?

The gimp is a great program. It has much of the functionality of photoshop with out the price and the bloat. The gimp takes some getting used to, but there is an excellent user community that will help you to learn it.

What is a good free program for outlining digital art that will be colored in another program?


What are some programs for editing pictures?

There are multiple good programs for editing pictures. A simple example would be Microsoft Paint, but there are also the much more advanced Adobe Photoshop and GIMP. You can also check

Do disposable cameras produce as good a quality pictures as digital cameras?


How do you make a picture with a lot of different pictures inside?

Lots of time and good picture editing programs!

Is it possible to get quality scans of older photos?

It all depends on the quality of the scanner you use. If your scanner is good you can get very good quality pictures. If there are any errors in the picture or it loses color you can use a photo editing program to enhance your pictures. But yes you will be able to get the pictures printed with the same quality. To go a little deeper, if you use to get them printed out they will get them to the best quality possible.

What are some good ways to blur an image?

Adobe Photoshop or any other photo editing program.

What is the best computer program for ripping Cd's?

Steinberg's Wavelab can rip CD's to uncompressed WAVE files. It isn't the cheapest program, but it is a very good mastering/editing program.

Road Trips And The Best Digital Camera?

Going on a road trip can be a fun experience. You'll want to pack the best digital camera, so you can take good pictures. Pull over on the side of the road to take pictures of the scenery. The best digital camera will take photos that are much better than the photos taken with your cellphone. Take the time to learn how to take good pictures with your digital camera. The more you learn about photography, the better your road trip images. Even the best digital camera won't take good pictures, if it's not operated properly. Experiment with the digital camera's functions, and practice taking pictures before your road trip. The skill of the photographer has a lot to do with taking quality photos.

What are the advantages of the pictures from your digital camera?

we can use memory card for the digital camera and we can reuse it as more times pitcher clarity is good than other...

Which digital photography software is the best?

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for digital photography and don't let anybody tell you anything else. Microsoft Photodraw is good but doesn't have the editing features.

How can I edit a digital photo What software is best for this?

Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and Windows Image all are good for editing digital photos. You can use Google Picasa online as well.

Where can I buy some digital picture prints?

You can get digital picture prints from any good picture shop. They will be able to supply you with good quality pictures and may even be able to frame them for you too.

How can you edit pictures?

You can edit pictures by downloading a software called Photo shop. That way you can airbrush it and do much more!! You can do simple editing with other software but photo shop is probably the best! - - - - - Excuse me. You do NOT download Photoshop. You BUY Photoshop. It's a commercial product. If you want something downloadable, there's a program called GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) which is pretty good, and free.

What is an Image editing software for macs?

It truly depends on what you want to do and your budget. Adobe Photoshop is available for macintosh, and is a professional, but expensive program. If you're looking for a job in graphics design, then this is a very good program to use. On the other hand, you may want a cheaper program to do simple editing like Acorn or Pixelmator. This is better if you only need to do low level editing or if you have a small wallet.

I want a degree in digital photography that would make clients comfortable with me, where can I find this?

I love taking pictures and my friend suggested I should do it professionally. I want to take wedding pictures and senior for the most part and have good credentials that I could be displayed. Is there a program for a degree in photography that gives the end? His answer was no title.

What is a good free photo editing and sharing program?

Windows Live Photo Gallery is the free image editing software from Microsoft. It is a part of Windows live suite. It comes with easy photo editing features, and lets you upload photos to facebook.

Good Websites for editing pictures?

It depends on the types of pictures being edited and the desired effect which is the best. Picmonkey is one that offers a membership. There are many apps that can be added to the programing that are free or inexpensive.

Can any one recommend a good program for editing sounds like a pro?

pro tools works very well