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baking soda and water. Get a little baking soda and put a little water on it to make it pasty and then rub it on the bee sting. It worked GREAT when I got stung by a scorpian.

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Q: What is a good remedy for itching caused from bee stings?
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What homeopathic remedy can be use for itching shingles?

Rhus tox homeopathic remedy can help in cases of shingles also sulphur is a good remedy for itchy, inflamed skin that bleed when scratched.

What is a good Bed bug medicine?

You can use hydrocortisone cream to reduce the itching, but unfortunately there is no know remedy for the bumps that bed bug bites leave so you'll need to wait those out.

Uses of gabi?

Used for internal hemorrhages and is a good antidote for wasp stings and insect stings.

What is a good sentence for remedy?

A good remedy for a sore throat is hot tea. Instead of asking for help, I'll remedy the situation myself.

What is good for bee stings?

Oil of mallow.

Can baking soda help ease an ant bite?

Yes. Mix it with a little vinegar to make a paste and spread it on the bite. I will ease the itching and burning. It's also good for wasp, bee, and jelly fish stings.

Does lotion relieve itching?

Yes, lotion helps in itching. Try Eczema lotion, it is good for itching. But if itching persists than consult some Doctor.

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How can you make your mosquito bites stop itching?

Though the itching should assuage with time, you can apply a soothing lotion, such as Jergens, to try to calm the itching. Good luck!

What is good homeopathy treatment for chronic sinusitis?

Kali bichromicum may be a good remedy, but it depends on the totality of your symptoms and a different remedy may be indicated.

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There has been an old remedy that onions are good for hair loss. This remedy is still used today by many people.

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