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What is a good science fair experiment?

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A volcano, or make a electric car, or a vinigar and baking powder experiment.

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What is a good title for a volcano science fair experiment?

Hot Head Peak

What is a good title for science fair experiment on blubber?

Cuisine of the Far North

What does experiment mean in a science fair project?

experiment means

What is one thing that will make a science experiment better?

actually wanting to do a science fair experiment?

What are good softball pitching Science fair experiments?

You can do a softball experiment about pitching with a stopwatch.By:Shaniya Bane

What are applications in a science fair experiment?


What is experiment in science fair project?


What is the experiment in a science fair project?

The experiment is what you test and how you test it. Your entire project is based on the experiment.

What is a Control Varibles?

IT is to have fair test in science experiment

What is the funnest science fair projects?

volcano experiment

What all does a science fair need?

It needs a good set up and a good experiment to win. It also needs to look nice.

What is a good science experiment that you can do?

a good science experiment is a 3d plant cell model

What constant mean in the science fair project?

In the Science Fair, 'constants' are things that remain the same in your experiment. For example, you might want to keep the temperature constant for the duration of the experiment.

What is a Appendix in a science fair project?

An appendix defines vocabulary words described in your science fair project, photos of the progress of your experiment, and additional information about your science fair topic.

What can be the title of your science fair project?

it really depends on what your experiment is...

All science fair projects involve an experiment?


What is the best science fair experiment?

The best science experiment is a woman have sex with a man and seeing how long she can go before stopping

What is a good basketball science experiment?

a good basketball science experiment is seeing how a deflated ball affects your speed when dribling a ball and then test with a medium amount of air and then a highly pumped ball then compare a good website to find school appropriate science experiments is a good place to find a school appropriate science experiments is

What is a good easy fast science experiment for a fifth grade science fair?

Vinigar and baking soda, coca cola and mentos. By the way is your name carl?

Do All science fair projects should involve an experiment?


What is a rationale in a science fair project?

a rationale is how the experiment will help people

All science fair projects should involve an experiment.?


What does porpose mean in a science fair project?

The "purpose" of a science project tells what you are trying to achieve with your experiment.

What do you need on your Science fair project poster board?

It may very from fair to fair but some common things include an explanation of what you did your experiment, why it happened (the science behind it), and practical applications.

What is a reflection on a science fair project?

Looking back on your experiment, what would you change?

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