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I won the bronze medal in the Olympic games yesterday.

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Q: What is a good sentence for bronze?
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What is a good sentence with the word Bronzeage?

In the bronze age,people would make tools out of bronze

Make a sentence with the word bronze?

the bronze was very valuable.

How do you use bronze in a sentence?

Joe Smith took home the bronze metal.

How would you use bronze in a sentence?

He came third so he got a bronze medal.

What is a sentence that has sculptor in it?

Example sentence - The bronze was done by a famous sculptor in Italy.

How do you use bronze age in a sentence?

Bronze Age was a time period that came after the Neolithic Era.

What is a sentence using bronze?

His eyes were like blazing torches; his arms and feet had the gleam of polished bronze.

Is bronze a good insulator of electricity?

No it is not an insulator. Bronze is actually a rather good conductor of electricity.

How do you use the word patina in a sentence?

Example sentence - The natural patina on the antique bronze statue helps to protect it.

Is Bronze a good conductor of electricity?

Bronze conducts electricity through it. However, its conduction rate is not as good as that of silver, gold or aluminum.

Can you give a sentence containing the word alloy?

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin.

Is bronze a good conductor?

Bronze is a good conductor of heat. It is considered to conduct heat and electricity in a much better way when compared to steel.

What is a sentence for statues?

The bronze statues in the gardens are the work of local sculptor john robinson.

Can you write me a sentence using the word scimitar?

I just love my new bronze scimitar!

What properties does bronze have?

Bronze has high strength, low melting point, good castability and nice wear resistance.

Is bronze a conductor or insulator?

It is a conductor. Alloys like bronze are generally not as good at conducting electricity as pure metals.

Is bronze a conductor of electricity?

Sure. All metals - and metal alloys, such as bronze - are fairly good conductors of electricity.

Can bronze conduct heat well?

Yes, bronze is a good conductor of heat due to its high copper content.

What is a good sentence for probability?

There is a high probability that this sentence will not qualify as a good sentence.

What is a good bronze age name?

Jason it means the healer

Why is bronze such a good material to use?

metal plated doldos

What is a good sentence for Bioethics?

what is a good sentence for bio ethics

What is good about bronze?

Cu + Sn = BRONZE. In 3000-1200 BCE, bronze was a very useful metal, and ways to prove that is that: Bells are made from Bronze so are Weapons and instruments, but best of all they make fine statues -by BUNTIH

What is a good conclusion sentence for a panda?

A good concluding sentence for pandas

What is a good sentence with the word opposite in it?

what is a good sentence for the word opposite