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Answerconventionally used skin lightener from earlier times is all natural lemon juice, works good for hair too.

Or you could make a skin lightening cream at home using lemon juice, ground turmeric, almond powder, yogurt and honey. This cream will help lighten the skin severl shades. Check the related links below to read the recipe on eHow.

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Q: What is a good skin lightener?
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Does anyone know a good natural skin lightener which isn't lemon?

The shade. Stay out of the sun.

Is there any medicine or vitamin that can reduces skin hyperpigmentation orally?

Vitamin C is a good source of antioxidants that naturally cleanses the skin and body. It also reduces hyperpigmentation to a certain degree. Oral glutathione is also a good skin lightener.

How do you get rid of black knees?

Well i have black or dark areas and i use a skin lightener or rub a lemon on the area

Why did Queen Elizabeth I die of brain cancer?

Elizabeth the first and other ladies used White Lead as a skin lightener as pale skin was very much in fashion.Lead is toxic & it is rumoured that this led to her death.

Is Extreme Whitening Essence skin lightener safe and effective?

Don't bother. Whitening skin by cremes is very difficult. If its strong enough to work there's a high risk that it'll actually damage your skin. If it's weak enough to be safe it won't change your skin tone.

What is the explanation for the off- the scalp lightener?

Off-the-scalp lightener is generally too strong to be used on the scalp when bleaching. This type of lightener is best when using foiling techniques, IE. Highlights. It stays in the foils and never touches the scalp.

Is mousse good for your hair or not?

mousse is perfectly safe for you hair it is just a nautral lightener or somthing to make your hair poof

Can you mix Clairol Bw2 Powder Lightener with hair dye?

Yes, this Clairol lightener can be mixed with hair color. It will make the color lighter and process faster.

Do you need to mix Clairol Bw2 Powder Lightener with a volume developer or can you use it solo?

Yes, this lightener needs to be mixed with at least a 20 Volume developer.

Can you swim with sun in hair lightener in?

not unless its waterproof

What goes first bleach or lightener?

I would say bleach so that you can get your old color off first. If you just use the lightener first it will just make your hair a lighter color.

What is a good skin lightener cream?

I will suggest Skinbright's exclusive formula combines nature's most effective lightening ingredients into one powerful solution, for both men and women, that will remove the appearance of all types of skin discolorations including melasma, age spots, hyperpigmentation, and more. SkinBright is also a potent overall skin brightener that will bring your skin a light healthy glow, and a more radiant and even tone. SkinBright will begin to remove the appearance of skin discolorations and brown patches, in some cases, in as little as 2 weeks!

Is maple syrup good for skin?

Maple syrup is good for the skin depending on the type of skin u have. it is good for rough skin but make cause skin pops on soft skin!!

Is ginger good for skin?

ya its good for your skin ..

How to use hi-lift hair lightener and where to find it?

Hi-lift hair lightener should only be used by professional hair colorist, but should you choose to experiment you can buy it at any place such as Sally's.

How do you remove hot oil burn marks on face?

There is not surefire way to remove hot oil burn marks on the face. Topical skin lightener can fade the marks, but it may take a doctor to help remove them completely.

Is it safe to use facial hair lightener during pregnancy?

yes its ok

What is the noun for lighten?

The noun forms for the verb to lighten are lightener, and the gerund, lightening.

Is La Mer good for all skin types?

La Mer is a very good skin treatment cream. It is definetily good for all skin types. I personally have dry skin and it works great for my skin. My friends also say it is good.

Does it hurt when the Japanese flesh eating eat your skin?

no it just feels good and its good for your skin but not good for your skin when the fish starts digging too deep

Zevit tablet good for hair and skin?

zevit capsules good for healty and skin

Is mango good for the skin?

Yes they are very good they can even make your skin lighter

Are tomatoes good for your skin?

Yes, they are very good for your skin. Eat as much as you can a day.

Is dry shaving good for your skin?

no it is not good for your skin because you might get hurt thank you

Is it ok to use use laundry bleach in your hair?

No. Bleach will affect your eyes, your skin and are very harmful if swallowed. Regular lightener only cost about $3.99 at the most for a pack of it and developer cost about the same if you are purchasing a one time usage procedure.