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You can find great used equipment at

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Q: What is a good source for used equipment for salons, especially hair salons?
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Where can you get workout equipment?

* Lots of places. You can get good used equipment on Craigslist. You can get new and refurbished equipment online. * eBay is an excellent source.

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Where is the best online source to buy used heavy equipment? They are the best source for buying and selling new and used heavy equipment. They are a classified ads website, but you can find some good stuff there. You can sell your own equipment, new or used. The equipment you can find or buy can be farm equipment, construction equipment, forrestry equipment, mining equipment, lawn care equipment, equipment trailers...

Where can a person find used salon furniture?

For salons in your area, craigslist is a good place to start. You can search for 'salon furniture' in the for sale section. Some businesses cater to the used salon furniture need for new salons starting out. Hair Styler's Friend and Salon Equipment 123 are two of them.

Where can quality work out equipment be purchased?

Quality workout equipment can be purchased from reputable companies or brands. Treadmaster would be a good source for some of the equipment. Profitness and Spartan Fitness sell quality equipment.

Is it a good idea to buy used electrical equipment?

Buying used electrical equipment is a good idea if it is sold from a trusted source with a good reputation. This is a good way to get almost new electrical items at a cheaper cost.

Where can I purchase cheap lawn equipment?

Cub Cadet Superstore sells inexpensive but good lawn equipment including lawnmowers. I would recommend these people as a good source.

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Are there any good second hand exercise equipment warehouse stores?

Yes, there are some good second hand exercrise equipment warehouse stores such as the orlando fitness equipment warehouse in florida. There is also the Houston fitness warehouse and there is warehouse fitness which is a direct source for equipment.

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If you are looking online Amazon is good source for finding Cardio exercise equipment. Also visiting local retailers like U-Fit will often have cardio equipment in stock.

Would an auction be a good place to find farm equipment for sale?

Yes, local auctions--especially farm auctions--are a great place to find farm equipment for sale.

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