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What is a good subject to do a fourth grade project on?


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Gravity, Static Electricity, Baking Soda and vinegar


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a good project for a 5th grade girl would have to be making a project about the living body

a good ninth grade project could be making a hydraulic lift if it works it will make a great project and u can get good marks

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You could make a cell diagram as a good science project.

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Perhaps the quickest things to evaporate are not the safest things for a fourth grade student. May I suggest: * dry ice, carbon dioxide * liquid nitrogen * good old water

in fourth grade you learn about multiplying decimals whuch is really easy and yea this doesnt help at alll but good luck lol

He was pessimistic about getting a good grade on the project.

I think a good song to sing is dynamite.

Yes, if you want a high quality project (or a good grade).

A strange noise resounded from the basement

Fourth grade? Possibly. But not the rest of the series maybe not 4th grade for any of the books. i would suggest if you are in at least 5th grade to read any of them. except the last book...wait 'til 6th or 7th grade for that one!

some type of diorama i guess.i did that for my 2nd grade project.

I hope you're not a parent but something tells me you are...

Dividing a cake to make fractions

You cant get people to do work(thats if your a kid) if your a teacher then a good project is why does rain fall or what is the purpose of rain

In this grade it is inappropriate to have a boyfriend or girlfriend in this grade. I say wait till you get in middle school. im in fourth and its hard u just have to be veary good looking my friend has a girlfriend in 6th and hes in 4th he just got lucky

Actually the book "Time Machine" is not only for fourth graders. Many grade fivers are reading or have read it, also good grade three readers are reading or read it. I personally have not read it but I have heard its a good book.

Do an Egyptian report on heiroglyphics or mathematics. I did that in 6th grade. And you should all so do a project about the 5 themes of geography and all so do it on Samoa so it can be

you should do something that is very interesting. Pick a project that is unusual .you will get a good grade . don't forget a report if it is requested.

You should do what mothers have done for ages, help him make a volcano. This simple project just involves shaping a volcano out of clay and leaving the hole. When ready fill the hole with dry ice and you have an exploding volcano. You can also use vinegar

Fourth grade was like a roller coaster, it had its ups and downs but ultimately, it was the greatest ride of my life.

what ever you want. a jacket and pants would be good. anything nice is good.

It looks like a nice project for up to about the third grade. After that you need to get a little more complex.

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