Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

What is a good team for emerald?

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Swampert, Altaria, Breloom, Flygon, Swellow, and Manectric.

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Is this a good team to beat the elite four on Pokemon emerald?

what is your team?!?!?!

Is this team is good for the 7th gym in emerald?

a team that includes water and dark attacks

Is this a good team for emerald elite 4?

A good team to beat the elite 4 is Pokemon in the levels 50-100.

Is the Pokemon for the Pokemon emerald intro a good team?

no not realy you better choose you own team

Is this a good Pokemon team on emerald?

takes one to know one

Is this a good Pokemon emerald team Sceptile Torkoal seviper flygon slaking sharpedo?

yes its a good team they sound tough together

Which is the best pokemon team for pokemon emerald?

There is no best team unless you hack it. any pokemon can be good if trained correctly

Good team for Pokemon Emerald?

Alakazam, Groudon, Rayquaza, Kyogre, Swellow, salamance.

Is this a good pokemon emerald team?

metagross salamence flygon blaziken swampert sceptile

What is a good Pokemon team for Pokemon emerald with torchic?

Torchick is a good Pokemon if you train it right anything should work

Where do you find team rocket in Pokemon Emerald?

You never encounter Team Rocket in Pokemon Emerald. You will only see Team Aqua and Team Magma.

Are Blaziken Mightyena Breloom Kecleon Goldbat and Sableye a good team in Pokemon Emerald?

Yes if they are lvl 70

How do you get past the guards at team aquas hideout Pokemon emerald?

A rock in the front is a good hideout to pass em

What ia a good team in emerald?

well i guess you can say there are none ! simple because ther never has :P

Good Pokemon Emerald?

Sapphire is better, but yes, emerald is good.

Is swampert breloom camerupt salamence lanturn and gyrados a good team for Pokemon emerald?

indeed it is ;) you have a very nice team there. erin,11 yrs old

What is tm32 in emerald?

Double team.

Which is harder to beat in emerald team aqua or team magma?

It actually depends on your team and their weaknesses; the Fire/Dark types from Magma and Water/Dark types from Aqua. I'd say they are about the same with a good team.

Best Pokemon team for emerald?

Alakazam, Ampharos, Salamence, Machamp, Blaziken, and Glalie. But really there is no best team on Pokemon emerald :)

How do you get into team aqua's hideout on emerald?

after getting into team magmas hideout

Till what level do you have to train your Pokemon emerald for the Pokemon lague?

if you have a good team, bout 54 if not i would say 60.

Is it good to wear emerald and blue topaz?

no it is not good to wear emerald with a blue topazbut you could wear emerald with a green topaz

What is a good Pokémon team for Pokémon Emerald?

In emerald, it is a good idea to have a water, fire, grass, flying, steel/dragon (either one because thet have little weaknesses and are powerful) and another type of your choice. A team of Swampert, Shiftry/Breloom, Camarupt, Swellow/Skarmory, Rayquaza, and Manectric will do very well overall.

Where is team magma's symbol in emerald?


What is a slogan for an emerald?

The mean green team.