What is a good tv series to watch?

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It all depends on how old you are and, if you're an adult, what you let your kids watch.
Glee is good for children about 12 and up.
Modern Family is good for children maybe 11 or 13 and up.
If you like crime shows Detroit 1-8-7 is good. It can get scary so let your children know it's fiction.
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What are some good TV sitcoms to watch?

Some good American sitcoms are: F.R.I.E.N.D.S How I met your mother Cougar Town Frasier Some good British Sitcoms are: The Vicar of Dibley Only fools and horses Fawlty towers The royal family My family

Why is watching tv good?

Watching tv is good because it entertain us,it give us knowledge,it aware us about current affairs,through we can timepass and many many more things

Where can I watch Shri Krishna tv series online?

Try to install a TV software on your PC , and you can watch more than 3000 TV channels on line . There must be a TV channel, on which you can watch Shri Krishna live tv series online . here you can get it . . http://tik.la/2s . http://fly2.ws/TV-online . http://oeeq.com/TV-live . If you want ( Full Answer )

Where can you watch tv series for free?

There is this website webtvfor.com where I can download this software virus free and its legal I have been using this software for about six months now I have not had any problems yet. This software allows you to stream over 3500 hd channels including news,sports and sitcoms.

What is a really good tv mini series?

harpers island. its scaryyyyy lemme tell you the story.... there is a murderer named jhon wakefeild who killed a girls mom she lived on harpers island. she left 7 years ago and now she came back to go to her friends wedding jhon wakefeild is back and hes killing ppl again stop reading here if you d ( Full Answer )

Is winx club a good tv series?

Well according to me this is an amazing show but its more of an romantic comedy and with same amount of action. and if u are a boy u probably wont like it. but as for girls i think and hope u guys love it . its a pretty cute and good show i fell in love with it when i saw it rite now cant wait for s ( Full Answer )

Where can I watch The Outsiders TV series?

It is over on T.V series. So you have to either watch on the Internet or somewhere else. I prefer watching the movie. But you can check for it on google.. It is over on T.V series. So you have to either watch on the Internet or somewhere else. I prefer watching the movie. But you can check for it o ( Full Answer )

Is tv a good thing to watch?

Television is for entertainment and can also be used for education. Anything used in excess is never good for us. If you limit your television viewing you could benefit greatly from watching television.

How did the tv series good times end?

The "Good Times" sitcom ended with Thelma announcing she was pregnant with her husband, Kieth's baby. Walona announced she would be moving and found out that Florida and family were moving in the same building.

What are the good points of children watching tv?

they can be able to know the world around them.they can improve their knowledge.they learn new things.they will have creativity.at times even tv helps them in their studies

Is good for kids to watch TV after school?

Yes it calms their brains after thinking alot at shool Answer: In general there is nothing on the general broadcast channels suitable for children to watch, The exceptions are the educational channels and documentaries. It would be more to the point to have them read, practice hobbies, exercise ( Full Answer )

Do you think watching television is good?

Watching television does have it's good points. But the increase in children watching television is growing. This means that children won't get to spend as much time going outside or letting their imaginations run wild.

What is a good anime series to watch?

vampire knight,and fruitbasket are good anime to watch Here are some other good ones : Blood + deathnote saiyuki, saiyuki reload, saiyuki reload gunlock clanad serial experiments lain higurashi no naku koro ni higurashi no naku koro ni kai higurashi no naku koro ni rei bleach lucky star elfen lie ( Full Answer )

What age is appropriate to watch the True Blood tv series?

If the person wants to watch it, the they can probally take it. If your a parent you can decide but it really depends on their maturity level. Myself, as a 12 year old, turning 13, I think it is fine to watch.

Where can i watch the TV series sunset beach online or on TV?

There are thousands of TV channels all over the world , such as : TB6 , NBC , FOX , ESPN , CBS , TNT , ABC , BBC, etc ... You can also watch TV , Movie , Music videos , TV series and TV shows live on line . Of course, you can watch the TV series sunset beach online with the TV software . It's ( Full Answer )

What is a good series on TV?

Im 13, so my series' will probably only appeal to girls aged 12-16: . Gossip Girl (I couldn't stop watching it because it was so amazingly good!) . Waterloo Road (Really cool) . 90210 (Good for girly girls because its really glamorous) . Beverly Hills 90210 (the old series of 90210! Is j ( Full Answer )

What is a good site to watch tv shows?

There are a couple: tv-links.eu - - gives links to watch TV shows on other web sites hulu.com And there's also movie2k.to which is good for movies as well as tv series They're all free.

What is a good TV channel to watch?

A good tv channel to watch is Tru Tv. They show stupid people doing stupid/hilarious things, cop shows, fun gone bad, etc. It can get a little crude at times, but is overall hilarious!

Is watching tv not good for children with aastigmatism?

Having astigmatism, and being sick at days at a time and parking my butt in front of the TV until I got better. It hurt my eyes. Not totally sure if it'll cause permanent damage to the eyes. but I highly recommend taking regular breaks if watching TV for a long time. I would get professional advice ( Full Answer )

What is a good TV show to watch if you like Dance Academy?

A good tv show to watch would be anything from "so you think you can dance" to "dancing with the stars" or if you like gymnastics, my favorite show is "Make it or Break it". They can all get very interesting.

What good show television for children to watch?

Probably The David Blaze Project. It appeals to people of allgenres, so both children and adults can watch it. I watch that show- it's really really funny. I think he'sAustralian, so that's why it comes here a bit late.

Is watching tv good or bad during fever?

In my opinion, it is not good. I have observed that the fever, for some odd reason, incrrases if you watch TV while having fever.

Is the TV show Flashpoint a good TV show to watch?

CBS's Flashpoint TV Show. Well, in my opinion Flashpoint is a pretty good TV show. Flashpoint is a SWAT Team TV show. It is a summer show, which aires on CBS. Yes, i would recommend this show to other people who are interested in Police type shows, Crime shows, or if you like watching people using ( Full Answer )

Why is it good for kids watching tv?

it help ful for when family member are to buzy also it a good distration find me on youtube- devil love see you soon

What are good tv shows to watch?

Some of my favourites are: the big bang theory how i met your mother the vampire diaries gossip girl the nine lives of chloe king life unexpected the secret life of the american teenager merlin once upon a time hart of dixie melissa and joey switched at birth drop dead diva ringer revenge i hate ( Full Answer )

Can you watch TV series 'Geronimo Stilton' on the computer?

The DVDs are available for purchase, therefore yes, you can watch them on a computer with suitable hardware and software. The series currently has 1 complete season of 26 episodes (24 minutes each) while a second season has been in development since 2011. However, there doesn't appear to be a comple ( Full Answer )

Why is it better to watch the complete series of a TV show?

Many times, a TV show has a complex story line and when watching it, it may become confusing if previous episodes have not been watched. Some TV series, like sitcoms, have a less complex story line but watching a complete series will aid in the understanding of inside jokes and character development ( Full Answer )

Who stared in the TV series Good God?

The stars of the 2012 TV series "Good God" included John Ralston as Danny McClure, Ken Finkleman as George Findlay, April Mullen as Kathy Duncan, Doug Murray as Charlie Kuntz. and Jason Weinberg simply as Doug. These actors were in the most episodes and for that reason they are listed here.

Who stars in the TV series Third Watch?

The series "Third Watch" is a crime drama that aired from 1999 to 2005. The series starred a variety of well know actors such as Michael Beach, Coby Bell, Kim Raver, and Amy Carlson.

Where is it possible to watch television series online?

There are a dozen places online where you can watch television series, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many more. They generally ask you to pay a monthly subscription charge, but compared to the price of regular on-demand TV, this is a cheap cost.

When did the TV series The Good Wife premiere?

The television series, The Good Wife is an American legal drama which airs on CBS. If first premiered on September 22nd, 2009 as a 12 episode pilot. On October 7th, 2009, it was picked up for the entire season.

Where can one watch TV series online for free?

Netflix provides a one month free trial of streaming TV series online. It does cost if you want after the first month, but it's an option worth checking out!

Where might one watch a Thai TV Series?

There are many website online where one might watch Thai television series. One could check "Viki" for viewing television series from Thailand online.

Where can I watch pinoy films and TV series online?

A person can watch Pinoy TV online by simply going on variouswebsites that offers this feature like PnoyTV, Free Pinoy TV Shows,Pinoy movies and Pinoy TV Zones. I have came across many sites butthe most preferred site is Pinoywow.com. I almost get all thecollection of pinoy movies and serials here. ( Full Answer )