What is a good way for a stay at home mom to relieve the stress of raising kids?

I realize just how stressful that can be. But there are a few things that may help.

Try to get their father, grandparents, aunts, your neighbor, etc., to keep them for a few hours every week. That will give you a much needed break to relax or do whatever you enjoy doing.

You could even make arrangements with another mother to take turns with you - you have her kids a few hours every week to give her a break, and she has your kids for a few hours every week. This way it doesn't cost anything because you aren't having to pay for a baby sitter, yet you both still get the free time you need (and deserve).

If none of the above are options for you, then maybe you can work out some sort of down time for your kids every day, which would also give you a break. If they are still young enough to take naps, then make them take their nap. If they are too old for naps, then have them play quietly in their room, or watch tv, etc., for an hour or two every day. That will give them some quiet time (which kids do need), and will give you some time to yourself, as well.