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You can also improve your typing skills using TypingMaster. It's a software and it's free. It has lots of default test texts you can practice with and it also features four games. If you want to know more about it or if you want to give it a try, check this link:

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What is the average typing speed of students?

The average typing speed of student is 55. The typing speed above 60 is considered to be good. The typing speed above 100 is considered to be excellent

What is considerd as a good typing speed?

Depends on how old you are. A good typing speed would be about in the 50s or 60s of wpm. Anything higher then 100 is considered amazing. My average typing speed is about 55 wpm.

What is a good typing website that's free for kids?

You need to install a typing software like typing tutor .Or google "online typing tutor" and you will find free online typing sites. pinkgal333:dance mat typing is a good website

How do you improve typing skills?

You can improve typing skills by practising them everyday about 30 minutes. Then if you practise it for few months, you will get better and be good at it later.

How can you learn good typing speed?


What is the normal speed for number typing?

50 to 60 words per minute is considered as a pretty good speed for typing

What website is good for typing online?

What are some good computer software programs for typing?

To find some good computer software programs for typing, one can go to the Typing Software Review website. The website has a listing of the most effecting software that aid typing skills.

Is it 25 wpm good or bad typing speed?

28 wpm is average You can see here

What is a good website for a typing method?

if you are asking for typing "lessons" then a good website is peters on line typing course or its based on touch typing so you are not suppose to look at the keyboard. there are 18 lessons and I'm on 12 it has taken me two weeks to get this far and i seem to be learning easily.

How do you improve your speed?

You can improve your speed by running a lot. You should run a couple times every week. This wil improve stamina and speed:) Good Luck:)

What is a good typing speed for a child?

It would really depend on how long you've been typing for. I was able to acheive roughly 30 WPM at the age of 13.

What website downloads musics fastest?

Good Speed

Where can one get advice on how to improve website traffic?

There are dozens of sites offering tips on how to improve website traffic. Wikihow gives a good overview, but other good sources include articles on Go Daddy, Business News Daily and the For Dummies website and books.

What is the magic behind good typing ability?

Good rhythm. Learn to type by doing it at a steady rhythmical pace. Press keys at the same intervals repeatedly. This will allow you to uniformly improve your skill and speed instead of being able to touch type only in bursts of familiar words.

What are good typing websites that you don't need to install or download?

If youn have a Phoenix Public Library card, on theor website they have a program called Typing Master. Also, If you google "touch typing" and click on the forst link, that is also a good one. ALSO, is great. Any one of these is a good choice.

Why are video games good for you?

Because in some games it would improve the speed of your hand

What is a good free website to teach typing for adults?

I've placed three options for you in the Related Links below.

What is a good 10 key punch speed?

The average typing speed is 40 numbers per minute. The speed includes the ability to type the numbers correctly without mixing them up or looking at the keyboard.

Why shouldn't you eat at the computer?

getting food all over your keyboard will not improve your typing skills nor will it be good for your computer to have drinks spilled all over it!!!!

What are some Lion King games?

try typing in, "lion king games" on bing or google and select a website. Good info.

Where can you get typing lessons?

a good competitive place to go is typing club

Do ankle weights improve running speed?

Yes it does help a good bit because it strengthens the muscles in the legs and can greatly improve stamina through long distance

What are the advantages of touch typing?

Touch typing has advantages: you can type quicker and this is good when you are typing long essays on the computer.

How do video games effect the human body physically?

good hand eye coordination and they improve you finger speed