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You can also improve your typing skills using TypingMaster. It's a software and it's free. It has lots of default test texts you can practice with and it also features four games. If you want to know more about it or if you want to give it a try, check this link:

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Q: What is a good website to use that will help improve what if your typing speed?
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What is the average typing speed of students?

The average typing speed of student is 55. The typing speed above 60 is considered to be good. The typing speed above 100 is considered to be excellent

What are the best typing courses right now?

Good Typing Online provides 27 free online lessons to help improve your typing skills and speed. Typing Web also provides online typing training including beginner, intermediate and advanced courses.

What is considerd as a good typing speed?

Depends on how old you are. A good typing speed would be about in the 50s or 60s of wpm. Anything higher then 100 is considered amazing. My average typing speed is about 55 wpm.

How do you improve typing skills?

You can improve typing skills by practising them everyday about 30 minutes. Then if you practise it for few months, you will get better and be good at it later.

How can you learn good typing speed?


What is a good typing website that's free for kids?

You need to install a typing software like typing tutor .Or google "online typing tutor" and you will find free online typing sites. pinkgal333:dance mat typing is a good website

What website is good for typing online?

What is the normal speed for number typing?

50 to 60 words per minute is considered as a pretty good speed for typing

What are some good computer software programs for typing?

To find some good computer software programs for typing, one can go to the Typing Software Review website. The website has a listing of the most effecting software that aid typing skills.

What is a good website for a typing method?

if you are asking for typing "lessons" then a good website is peters on line typing course or its based on touch typing so you are not suppose to look at the keyboard. there are 18 lessons and I'm on 12 it has taken me two weeks to get this far and i seem to be learning easily.

How do you improve your speed?

You can improve your speed by running a lot. You should run a couple times every week. This wil improve stamina and speed:) Good Luck:)

What is a good free website to calculate your words per minute typing?

Typing Dude is a good website to calculate your words per minute and accuracy. It's free and can be found at

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