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What is a gourami?

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A Gourami is a sort of fish that lives in fresh water.

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Can honey dwarf gourami live with dwarf gourami?

I would advise not to add a dwarf gourami with a honey dwarf gourami. The honey gourami is very shy and much smaller than the dwarf gourami, and the dwarf gourami is prone to being very agressive. Depending on your luck, you might get a gourami with a nicer temperment. I wouldn't suggest it though.

Can flame or Blue dwarf gourami live with blue gourami or gold gourami?

yes .they can even breed

When was Snakeskin gourami created?

Snakeskin gourami was created in 1910.

Can gourami and dwarf gourami live together?

Not really. There will be some bullying in the tank if the gourami is bigger than the dwarf gourami. Usually the dwarf will be left lone but there is usually fin nipping.

Will a honey sunset gourami mate with a dwarf gourami?

im pretty sure they will if the conditions are right

Your Dwarf Gourami is fighting with your Red Fire Dwarf Gourami Please Help?

Put them in separate tanks

Why is your gourami lying on the bottom of the tank?

the gourami is probably sick and going to soon die (from my past experience's)

Can you keep dwarf gourami with blood parrot fish?

No, a blood parrot fish is a very aggressive fish. The dwarf gourami is a community fish. The parrot fish will attack the gourami and chance it can get. Keep them in separate tanks.

What is the lifespan of a gourami?

Most of the Gourami family are fairly short lived fish only lasting around 5 years.

Where does the kissing gourami live?

The kissing gourami Helostoma temminicki comes from the far east. It is reported to be found in parts of India and Malaysia

Can a Opaline gourami and a kissing gourami breed?

The Kissing gourami (Helostoma temminckii) is of a completely different species from the Opaline gourami (Trichogaster trichopterus). They are totally unrelated. The Opaline is the same species as the 'Three spot, Blue, Gold, Platinum they are all colour sports and these can be bred together. However the cross you have mentioned can not happen. The name Gourami is a name that has commonly been applied to many fish of many unrelated species and in general means a fish that has a labyrinthine system for breathing.

Are angelfish and dwarf gourami compatible?


What do kissing gourami eat?

tropical flakes!

What order is the fish dwarf gourami?


How do you know if my golden gourami have a disease?

I do not know if your Golden Gourami has a disease or not. Maybe if you explained why you think it may have one and describe the symptoms I could help.

How big will a golden gourami get?

These are a 'sport' of the Blue or Three spot Gourami (Trichogaster trichopterous) the male will grow to around 5.5inches the female may be an inch longer.

What is the price of a pink kissing gourami?

$10 to $20

Can Gouramis and Oscar fish live together?

You can have oscars and gouramis together, but the only exeption is that you have to to get them when the oscar is smaller then the gourami. You should not get a dwarf or honey sunset gourami with them though,

What rhymes with Miami?

Origami, chamois, clammy, whammy, gourami

What fish can be housed with gold gouramis?

I have a blue gourami with my gold

Can mollies and gourami mate?

mollies and gouramis cant interbreed

What do kissing gourami fish eat?

i feed mine topfin.

Can i keep a lace gourami together with a flame and a dwarf gourami?

as long as the tank is big enough and there is enough visual barriers in the tank, it would be fine to keep thoughs species together.

What are some fish that start with the letter G?

Gar, Gourami, Guppy,

How do you tell if a gold gourami is a boy or a girl?

females give birth.

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