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A Green Horse is a horse that has not yet been trained or has just begun training.

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Q: What is a green horse?
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What is green horse?

A green horse is simply an untrained horse.

Is it bad if you see a green horse?

A 'green horse' does not mean the horse is literally green, it means that the horse has minimal training, is still young, and has much to learn. However if you see a horse that is literally coloured green, then there is obviously something wrong with that horse!

Is a green horse a young horse?

Not nessicarily. A green horse can be a young horse or it can be older. "Green" means little or no training, but you can always teach an old horse new tricks. Happy Trails.=)

F you decide that all horses are green and then try to find a green horse you are expressing?

If you decide that all horses are green, and then you try to find a green horse you are expressing, deductive reasoning. You know that horse are green, so you know that you can find a green horse.

What is a spirited horse?

a horse that can be hard to handle or a green horse

Where did green come from-?

Green is a color. This come from putting green ribbon on rookie horse to show that the horse was jumpy.

What is the name for an unbroken horse?

Green or wild horse.

What is a green flag in horse racing?

The green flag simply indicates everything is fine. Spotters at each fence will wave a green flag if a horse falls, and the horse & jockey both recover.

Is horseback riding a dangerous sport?

It can be if you don't know how to ride, handle a horse when riding or are mismatched to a horse; i.e., a green rider on a green horse instead of a green rider on a very broke or veteran horse that's been-there-done-that.

What things does green knight do before he gets on his horse?

he does not have a horse

Where does the green sea horse live in nemo's reef?

The green sea horse lives in the 'Green Seaweed Cluster'under the 'Ornamental' category. Do not get it confused with 'Green Straight Seaweed'.

How did Sir Gawain kill the green knight?

He was jousting and drove The green knight off his horse and the horse trampled him

What color is the sea horse?


What is the symbolism of the green horse in revelation?

Pale green symbolizes death.

What is another name for a untamed horse?

A horse with little or no training is called "green."

The name for a temperamental and Feverish horse?

The name for a temperamental and feverish horse is GREEN...

What is a half trained horse called?

If a horse is half trained he is still GREEN

Which horse won the Melbourne Cup 2012?

The horse called Green Moon

Who are the four horseman?

Death war famine and plague. The pale horse or green, the red horse, the black horse the white horse respectively.

What is green broke?

GREEN BROKE: when a horse is haulter trained but you cant get a saddle on them

What do you call an unbroken horse?

Green :) Or Greenie

What has the author Ben A Green written?

Ben A. Green has written: 'Biography of the Tennessee walking horse' -- subject(s): Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration (Shelbyville, Tenn.), Tennessee walking horse

What is unusual about the Green Knight and his horse?

The Green Knight, who is famous for his encounters with Sir Gawain in the Arthurian legend, is well known to have, along with his gigantic horse, been green in skin hue as well as being elaborately decked out in the color green.

What is an undecuple star on howrse?

An undecuple star on horse means your horse has 11 green stars.

What does green broke mean?

When a horse is newly trained!