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the names is chelonia mydas

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What is the scientific name for sea turtles?

Sea turtles are a group of marine reptiles of the Superfamily Chelanioidea.

What is the scientific name of the green sea turtle?

Chelonia mydas is the scientific name of the green sea turtle.

What is scientific name of the baby green sea turtle?

The scientific name for a Green Sea Turtle is Chelonia Mydas.

What is the scientific name for a Sea turtle?

Chelonia mydas is the scientific name of the green sea turtle.However, there are still seven living species of sea turtles.See the related Wikipedia link listed below for their scientific names, their taxonomic classifications, and much more:

What is the green turtle's scientific name?

the Green sea turtle's scientific name is Chelonia mydas

What is the scientific name for the marine turtle?

The "scientific name" of an animal consists of two levels of its taxonomic classification, the "genus" and "species." Scientific names are in Latin. They are usually printed in italics, with the genus capitalized. The scientific name of the green sea turtle is "Chelonia (genus) mydas (species)." Sometimes a species is further subdivided into subspecies, and the subspecies name is added to the scientific name. Thus the East Pacific green turtles scientific name is "Chelonia mydas agassizii". Once the genus and species have been mentioned, they are usually abbreviated in subsequent occurrences (e.g. the green sea turtles scientific name would be written "C. mydas".)

Are sea green turtles endangered?

Yes green sea turtles are endangered

When do green sea turtles come out of the sea?

When female green sea turtles want to lay their eggs.

Do green sea turtles live alone?

Green sea turtles live alone

How do green sea turtles parent?

what is a predator of sea turtles

How big are green sea turtles?

Green Sea Turtles can reach 5 feet in size.

What do the green sea turtles eat?

Adult green sea turtles eat plants only. However, young green sea turtles eat jellyfish, fish, crustaceans and algae.

Why are green sea turtles being hunted?

they kill green sea turtles for their shells to make jewelry

What are a box jellyfishes predators?

Green Sea Turtles because green sea turtles eat jellyfish.

What type of water do green sea turtles live in?

Green sea turtles live in salty water.

Are green sea turtles edible?

no it is definetley not likely that green sea turtles are edible but loggerheads and leatherbacks are

Are green sea turtles different from sea turtles?

No they are just a kind of sea turtle.

Does green sea turtle have skin?

Yes, Green sea turtles have skin, all sea turtles have thick, leathery skin

Can sea turtles be green?

yes they have to be green

Do green sea turtles have predators?

No but when they are juveniles (baby sea turtles) they are predators.

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