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What is a grog as in the beverage grog?


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Quite simply, grog is nothing more than watered down rum or whiskey. It began with an English admiral who ordered his men to do so and they nicknamed it after his cloak, a grogram. Sometimes you might see it spelled grogg.Les

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A grog shop is another name for a bar.

A ration of grog is authorized for all members of the crew. This grog makes the hardtack seem almost tasty.

Grog is pottery that has been bisque fired and then ground up. It ranges from fine to coarse grog and is used to reduce shrinkage and increase durability. Grog is mixed with clay. Grog can also be any rough material mixed in clay, even natural sand.

Grog is a slang term for alcohol.

Grog - film - was created in 1982.

Count Grog was born on 1961-06-21.

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Anything they can get their hands on! But if they have a choice, GROG. Grog is any kind of mixture of rum and water. They could add sugar, spices, and fruit juice to it. It was similar to "punch" which was a popular beverage amongst all people back in the day. Straight rum, wine, beer, or mead are also excellent piratical choices.

Grog - Marvel Comics - was created in 1988.

It was back in caveman days, when one of them knocked another over the head with a club. "Knock knock." "Who's there?" "Grog." "Grog who?" "Grog crack skull, take cave and woman!"You had to be there.Knock knock your face?

The original grog was rum and water. Sometimes a light beer was used instead. Today grog is hot water, rum and a bit of flavoring. Sugar, lime or lemon, perhaps a dash of cinnamon. Experiment and find what works for you!

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what does sittyated grog-shop mean? This phrase is on the first page of Robert-Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island". I believe sittyated is just the accent form of situated. The phrase would then mean that the grog shop is in a pleasantly situated location I.E. close to the customer who makes the statement. Grog is an alcoholic drink that is made by mixing several different alcoholic beverages in a big pot, usually other abnormal ingredients are added as well. So a grog shop is basically a bar for pirates.

The Grog Shop has a wide variety of music performed at their establishment. Many nights are theme nights in which acts that fall into that category get to do the show.

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grog, a mix of water and rum

Grog is the material usually added to clay to minimize shrinkage. Grog is ground fired clay and it adds strength to the body as well as minimizing shrinkage.

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grog, though they are also partial to rum

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