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Q: What is a group of dachshunds called?
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What type of group are Dachshunds in?

the dog group, of course!

Are Dachshunds called Doxies for short?

Somtimes, but in Germany they are call Dackles. Weird Huh?

What are dachtsunds classification?

Dachshunds are classified as a small to medium-sized breed in the hound group. They are known for their long body and short legs, making them well-suited for hunting small game like badgers and rabbits. Dachshunds are also popular as companion animals due to their playful and loyal nature.

Why is dachshunds called weiner dogs?

Because their Back is long like a Hot Dog wiener

How do you spell weener dogs?

The spelling for the name that dachshunds are often called is spelled "weiner dogs".

What breed of is usually called a sausage dog?

Do you mean Dachshunds?Dachshunds came from Germany.

What information do you have about Dachshunds?

There is a wealth of information available on dachshunds on the link below.

How long have dachshunds been on earth?

Shorthaired and Longhaired Dachshunds had appeared in Europe since the 15th century, and Wirehaired Dachshunds were first bred in 1790.

Why do people call dachshunds weenie or sausage dogs?

Because dachshunds have long bodies like frankfurters. They are adorably cute!!!!! I love my dachshunds! And because they have nothing better to do....

Do dachshunds have predators?


What do dachshunds look like?

Dachshunds are adorable. Long skinny short hot dog dogs :)

Do dachshunds have a memory?

Dachshunds are dogs. Dogs have memories. Yes. Yes. Just like everything else.