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A coalition is a group of male lions living apart from a pride.

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a pride of lions..

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What are male lion names?

Male lions are simply referred to as lions. The females are known as lionesses and the young are called cubs.

What is a pack of lion's called?

An unrelated group of lions is called a “sault” or “troop”. A group of all male lions believe it or not is refered to as a “coalition“! Only a related family of male and female lions is a “pride”. Never a ”pack of lions”! Families or Socialized Groups of Canines are “Packs”.

What is a group of male lions called?

Male lions, usually Brothers or half-Brothers, sometimes join forces to take over a pride from other males. They are usually referred to as a "coalition".The name "pride" is used for a mixed Group of both males and females.A group of male lions is a 'coalition' . (females are a 'pride')

What are the age group names given to lions?

Young - CubsAdult female - LionessAdult male - Lion

What is young hog called?

A young male hog is called a Shoat, and a female is called a Gilt. As a group they are known as piglets.

What is the name of a young female dog?

A young male or female dog is called a PUP or a Puppy.A female is called a bitchthe male a DogA group of pups is a Litterand a group of dogs is a Pack

Why does the lion prefer to live in a group rather then alone?

Lions prefer to be in a group so its easier to catch prey and while the male lions look after there young, the female lions go for the prey.. in a group around of 3-30. Female's are the dominate one, there the one that always does the hard work.. while the male lion just lyes around doing nothing (Being Lazy Like Every Male Is). Female Lions Dont Attack Alone Unless there going for another young.. Ect, Bull, Horse

Do male lions take care of there young?

Aparently no, the lionesses do most of the work. Male lions kill their cubs.

What is the name of a young turkey?

A young male turkey is called a jake and a young female is called a jenny.A group of wild turkeys is called a flock, a group of domesticated turkeys is commonlyreferred to as a rafter.

What are male lions called?

A Male lion is simply called a lion.A Female lion is called a lioness.Lions. The females are called lioness'

What is groups of horses called?

A group of horses is typically called a herd.If the group is all young male horses however it is usually referred to as a bachelor group.

How do lions live?

Lions live in groups of about 12 to 15 lions. These groups are called prides and consist of either one or two male lions. The rest of the pride consists of related female lions and their young cubs.Lions live in large social groups called prides. Usually there is one (sometimes two) male lions and the rest are all females from the same family with their offspring. Lions eat most things so they can survive.

What is a young male horse called?

A young male horse is called a colt.

What is the offspring of a lion and tiger called?

Male lion + female tiger = ligerMale tiger + female lion = tigon

What is a young male race horse called?

A young male racehorse is called a Colt.

What is a young donkey called?

The young of a donkey is called a foal.A young male is a colt but a mature male is a Jack.A young female is a filly but a mature male is a Jenny

Do lions live alone?

no lions don't live alone3 to 30 lions live togetherbecause there the male who protects the group

What is the fur on a lions neck called?

a mane (a mane is found only on male lions)

How could you describe a female lion?

Female lions look very similar to their male counterparts, however they do not have the long mane male lions are famous for. Female lions hunt in packs and protect the young.

What is a young female cat called?

Kitten, same as the young male cat.

What is a group of young male goats called?

The buck herd or if they have all been castrated the wether herd.

What is female of quail?

Female is a hen.Male is a cock.Young is a chick.A group of quails is called a "covey."

What is the name for a young male alpaca?

Young alpacas are called crias. A young male would be a male cria.

What is a male female and young crocodile called?

A male and female crocodile is called a bull. A young crocodile is called a hatchling.

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