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Young guinea pigs are called pups.

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Q: What is a guinea pig litter called?
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Why will guinea pigs poo on things?

This is because that Guinea Pig is not litter trained.A Litter trained Guinea Pig poops only in a certain place or things.

What is guinea pig litter?

Male Guinea Pigs are called Boars, female Guinea Pigs are called Sows, and babby Guinea Pigs are called Pups. A group of Guinea Pigs is called a Herd. :)

Which has more babies a guinea pig or a gerbil?

A guinea pig ownly has a litter of 2-6. A gerbil useully has a litter of 6-13

How do you litter train your guinea pig?

I have to say, there is no trick for litter training your Guinea Pig. My Guinea Pigs poo in the corner and that's where they've pooped since I got them.

How do you train a guinea pig to use a litter box?

You can put treats or his or her water bottle by the litter box so when she or he drinks your guinea pig will be in the litter box and be like rewarding him or her.

What is the gestating period of a guinea pig?

The gestation period lasts from 59-72 days, with an average of 63-68 days.

Will it hurt to uses cat litter for guinea pig?

It may hurt the guinea pig if he is sensitive, but other wise he will be okay with it.

Can you get 2 guinea pigs when they are not from the same litter?

Since litter means trash that is not in the trash can, guinea pigs don't tend to come from a "litter". Of course, if you find a guinea pig in a pile of litter you can always let me know.

What is a guinea pig male called?

A male Guinea Pig is called a boar.Females are called sows.Boars.The term for a male guinea pig is a boar.

How many piglets does a Guinea pig average?

Guinea pigs have 2-3 per litter.

Can there be just 1 baby born in a guinea pig litter?


What is a name for neutered pig?

it is called A Guinea pig I think but I do have a Guinea pig

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