What is a gypsy curse?

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A curse placed upon a person or object by someone of Gypsy origin.
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What is a gypsy?

The term "gypsy" has several overlapping meanings. Initially the word was used to refer to the Romani people, who first appeared in England around the beginning of the 16th century. Although in certain contexts the word is still used to describe the Romani, it also describes those in English-sp ( Full Answer )

What are gypsies?

Gypsies are a tribe of Indian people from the Punjab and Rajasthan region, who migrated to Europe a few centuries ago. The still keep the Indian culture and music alive in every country they go in their style of playing, dancing and singing. At one time it was mistakenly thought they were of Egypt ( Full Answer )

Why were gypsies hated?

Under Nazi Germany, anyone who didn't fit into the social normality's of society was targeted and sent to concentration camps. This included Jews, homosexuals, communists, those with disabilities and gypsies. The main reason was because these groups were easy targets. They were easy to identify, wer ( Full Answer )

What are Gypsy decorations?

Well...Gypsy's are nomads so...Tents, Quilts....Little niknaks...Rugs...charms....Kind of free spirited looks...so...lots of dangly jewelry...flowers...Candles...Lamps...Inscence. That sort of thing!

What is gypsy?

Gypsy is a term to describe a specific ethnic group. Most widelyknown gypsies are the Romani clan and the Scottish Travelers inEurope.

What is a Gypsie?

they take are land sell us tarmak and yoiu are dump cuz you cant spell gipo u gipo \nand they try to sell us pegs and things like that :)

Why do you curse?

because cursing has been around for centuries.they have developed into spellings that can hardly be defined.they say that each one you shout represents Satan inside of you!

What are curses?

curses are a type of magick whereing the witch or magic practicioner uses the manipulation of energy in a "negative" manner to bring about a desired change of calamity or strife to another person place or thing.

How can you curse?

as with any type of magick curses included you must understand the concepts of energy manipulation behind them in order for you to bring about change. There is a website called The Witches Collective who has a witch on their that will write you a curse specific to what you wish to happen and give yo ( Full Answer )

What is cursing?

cursing is a sin;dirty words;fowl language; bad words. but it can also be cursing as in black magic and hexing that is still bad but it doesnt stop me

How do you undo a gypsy curse?

There are severaly different curses commonly used by gypsies, and thus many remedies. However, most can be undone with this simple scripture found in the 12th century.. First you must gut a newly born lamb, under the full moon, and capture its entrails in a bowl made of oak. Then, these must be spr ( Full Answer )

Where did gypsies originate from?

Gypsies or Gipsies are a traditionally nomadic people with their own unique language. They are found on every continent and they call themselves Roma. Their language, Romany, is very close to some languages from India. As a matter of fact, their genetic makeup are only found among Indians and Pakist ( Full Answer )

What did gypsies do?

gypsy are traveling immigrant in a family custom group, sometimes the family isn't even related...they govern themselves as freelancers and they come from northern India or Europe, fact: gypsies invited the play in which during acts the palace or area watching would be picked clean or expensive item ( Full Answer )

How do Gypsies travel?

Traditionally, gypsies travelled by horse and cart- in traditional gypsy caravans or wagons. now they can travel in modern day caravans or even by more sophisticated means of transport such as trains or boats.

Are there gypsies in Mexico?

Yes, there most definitely are Gypsies in Mexico. You can read some about them here: www.burnzpost.com. On the far left-hand side, you will find a list of subjects, among them "Gypsies."

What is gypsy music?

THE BEST MUSIC EVER . Also known as "Romani" music, it often has lots of flowing slides and can have soulful vocals. Depending on the region, different instrumentation varies.

What does gypsi means?

Its often misused to describe modern day Irish travelers or Coughersons as they are often referred.

What is gypsy tears?

when i get really sad i cry and gypsy tears come out nothing to happened with gypsy tears

What do Gypsies do for a living?

Generally gypsies are very artistic people. Sometimes things are made to be sold only their travel rout, some will buy/sell/trade collected items, some will play music for pay.

Who was the first gypsy?

Nobody knows who the first gypsy was; it's too far back and nobody recorded it.

What is a curse?

a curse is the use of the manipulation of energy or "magick" in a malicious or negative manner to bring about a negative affect onto a person, place, or thing.

Where can you find gypsies?

You can find them in Romania, there are about 2 million gypsies in this country.

What religion do gypsies have?

Although Romanis follow the predominant religion of their host countries(usually Christian or Muslim), in and among themselves, they have their own personal religious beliefs, mythologies, folklores & practices which are specific for them. They practice a form of shamanism. They also have divinat ( Full Answer )

Who are Gypsy and the Cat?

Gypsy & the Cat are one of the latest duo bands out of Melbourne, Australia. The guys consist of Lionel Towers and Xavier Bacash - born in Victoria. Their music is a blend of synthetic pop/rock and acoustic soft rock: much of their overall sound has abeen based around sounds of the 1970's and 1980 ( Full Answer )

Do gypsies steal?

Yes gypsies steal. Everyone steals stuff. I am pretty sure not all gypsies steal, but gypsies that I see at my work (its not the place where you're going to find the richest most well-off people) will steal anything they can if they get the chance. They teach their kids to steal stuff from our shop ( Full Answer )

What s a gypsy?

Romani. Like unicorns or leprechauns many people debate their existence. Or, they are people who steal money and are not trustworthy. Many places, like Greece or Spain, still have gypsies.

What are modern gypsies?

A modern Gypsy is someone who moves around alot. They often live in trailer homes. They are known to be swindlers and move because the cops are after them. This stereo type does not describe all gypsy's.

Are Gypsies offended when called Gypsy?

True Gypsies, such as Romany Gypsies, are not in the least offended. However, as with many words, it is the use and connotations that lend offence. In addition there is the growth of the 'politically correct' faction that feel their opinions should override everyone else. Though language is dy ( Full Answer )

Are gypsys tidy?

We can't generalise all gypsies, just like people who live in houses some of their homes will be a wreck and others will have immaculate homes.

What did the Gypsy do?

Last night I was walking down the main road and was approached by the scum (gypsys). They asked for a reach around, which I gave them promptly; followed by a sharp patting down across the anal area. That is why i am so fond of the scum (gypsys). I offer a similar service for gay men across the ( Full Answer )

Do gypsies pray?

No, Well that's what I think of cause some gypsies are like outcast they don't have a permanent home. And they go around place to place just to make a living. So yeah, they don't believe in god since they are merely just outcasts after all.

What is a gypsy traveler?

Watch Big Fat Gypsy weddings on 4oD. They were originally thought to have come from egypt, that's how they got the name gypsy!

Are gypsies Egyptian?

No, they are Indian descent. At one time, it was believed that they came from Egypt, hence the name "Gypsy," but, later research found that they actually came from India.

Are gypsies Christian?

There are alot that are. Me and my fiance are. My Roma family are. Its just like everyone else that arent gypsies. Different families have different beliefs.

Can a gypsy women put a curse on a pregnant women?

Curses by a gypsy is one of the myths of the Romany people. They are often deeply religious orthodox Christians, or in some cases Hindus based on their background (they all come from different countries), and curses are not a part of their religion or life style. They have been known to do fortune t ( Full Answer )

Why were gypsies targeted?

Hitler targeted them because they were almost universally hated in Europe for their criminal behavior & family lifestyle. They could be recognized by their appearance and location. In other words, it was easy to recognize and find them.

Who has had a curse?

my family has had this thing that they all ways talk about they say its a curse and that the next barrett girl will be taken by the cursed witch of some hill in telford

What are synonyms for gypsy?

Synonyms for the word gypsy: bohemian, nomad, roamer, sharper, tzigane, vagrant, zingara, zingaro . traveller, rambler, nomad, Romany, wanderer

Are gypsies from Spain?

While there are Romanis(Gypsies)in Spain, that is not their country of origin. Romanis are believed to be descended from people who emigrated West, from India.

What is a gypsy soul?

Its basically the Gypsy "attitude". A need for adventure, change, and the skills to thrive wherever you are no matter what you have. A non-blood-gypsy can still be considered a gypsy if they have "Gypsy Soul" or "spirit".

Are there albanian gypsy?

Sure there is. Gypsies (Romani) are spread all over Europe. There are every possible European person that could be part of Romani descent; Serbian Gypsies, Bulgarian Gypsies, Greek Gypsies, Turkish Gypsies, Arabic Gypsies (Domari;Middle Eastern Gypsies), Italian Gypsies, you name it.

What is a romni gypsy?

Romanis are a culture which descended from people from India who travelled all the way across to Europe. Their way of life is basically travelling around from country to country, and they usually live in caravans.

What is a gypsy mill?

I have a cabinet card (1890's ?) that shows a picture of a gypsy mill. It is impossible to gage the size because nothing else is in the picture.It could be a building (a mill).However, it is likely an appliance but it is very elaborate and appears to be well manufactured. I find nothing via internet ( Full Answer )

What is a gorga gypsy?

A gorga gypsy is a non-Roma Gypsy, or a gypsy that is of non-Romanian descent.

Was gypsies in holocaust?

Gypsies suffered their own genocide (which was arguably more devastating than the Holocaust) along side the Holocaust.

What color is gypsy?

There is no "SAID" gypsy color, it is a palette of colors in not a true shade as we know them (Crayola colors). You can google GYPSY COLOR PALETTE and you can see.

How do you know if you are a gypsy?

check your ear. if gold hoop earing found.....points if somethings have questionable provedence...........points when you woke up, was there a horse beside you ........points are the neighbours unwelcoming........points If your recipe for an omelet is: First, you steal two eggs... love to all the g ( Full Answer )

What is cursed?

The word 'cursed' has two meanings. In past tense it can mean thatsomeone cussed or used a swear word. It can also mean to cast a badspell on someone.