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Most of the enclosure is made out of a metallic alloy however the main part of a hard drive, which stores the data magnetically, is called the platter. In a hard drive there are normally several platters. Platters can store data on both sides requiring a head (reader) for each side.

The core of the platters are typically made using an aluminum or glass and ceramic substrate shaped into a disk. Then the disk is coated with a thin layer of a mostly nonmagnetic metallic alloy and on top of this is a protective carbon-based overcoat. Both of these layers are applied in the same process which is called sputtering. The next layer of the disk is a nanometer thin polymeric lubricant applied by dipping the disk into a solvent solution. The surface of the disk needs to be flawlessly smooth so that the disk head can rapidly move over the surface.


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Who was the inventor of the first PC hard disk drive?

The first hard drive was made in Silicon Vally. The hard drive was made by a company, IBM.

Who made the first hard drive?

IBM developed the first hard drive.

What type of metal is the outside casing on a hard drive made of?

The metal that is the outside casing on a hard drive is made up of aluminum.

Does the motherboard determine what hard drive can be installed?

Yes, the motherboard does determine what hard drive can be installed. A computer is made for the hard drive to be compatible with whatever mother board is installed.

How do you get your PS3 trophies to work after you have changed your hard drive?

If it's not already there after the hard drive replacement, then it should be on the backup you made, if you made a backup, if not, swap hard drives, run the backup wizard, reswap hard drives, restore from backup

Why is a hard drive called a hard drive?

Hard versus soft media (floppies) or cassette tapes back in the early days. Drive due to the drive assignments made by the operating system A and B were assigned to removable media (present or not) and the master hard drive was assigned C, in DOS of course.

Internal hard drive to external hard drive?

if you want to know if you can go from internal hard drive to external hard drive, then the answer is yes. you can purchase an internal hard drive and external hard drive

What is an other name for hard drive?


What is a hard drive disc made of?

Hard drive discs (HDD) are made up of several mechanical and metal parts that makes it hard and durable than a floppy disk. It is made up of metal platters, head actuator and other mini metal parts.

What are hard drive failures?

a hard drive failure is when your hard drive stops working...

What are computers made from?

CaseHard driveMotherboardCPURAM

What is another word for hard drive?

Hard Disk Drive, Tape Drive

What are hard drive platters made of?

HDD platters are usually made of aluminum, glass, or ceramic.

Is the ps3 hard drive same as the PC hard drive?

It is the same as a laptop hard drive

Can you replace eide hard drive with a sata hard drive?

No. IDE Hard Drive cannot be replaced with a Sata Hard Drive because the connectors are different. example. if you have sata hard drive installed on your machine. and you purchase IDE Hard drive. you won't be able to install the IDE hard drive where the Sata hard drive was because the IDE connectors are a different shape and size towards the Sata hard drive connectors.

If you have an existing hard drive and want to install a second hard drive and you want to keep the first drive bootable as the bootable drive how should you configure the second hard drive?

If the Hard drive is IDE (40 pins on the back) you would configure the primary hard drive as Master and secondary hard drive as Slave using the jumpers on the back of the hard drive.

Can airport security machines damage a travel drive?

Hard drives are really good protected, you can damage if you are shaking a hard drive extrimely hard. The travel hard drive series made using special technologies and it's not that easy to damage them. It's unlikey that your hard drive was damaged by airport security machines. You could break if you have dropped it.

What is the likely drive letter for a UBS drive?

drive letter of an USB drive can be any letter from E to Z, It also can be D if you don't have DVD drive connected to the computer &C is the hard-disk drive needed for the Windows. It depends on the hard disk partition you had made.

How do you know if you have a 120gb hard drive for your xbox360?

A hard drive inserts into the top of your console. On the hard drive it tells you how much memory that hard drive contains.

Serial for Hard Drive Inspector?

Hard drive Inspector is made by AltrixSoft. This software is available for free 15 day trials; after that, you must pay to use the program.

How do you back up my hard drive?

You get another memory storage device, such as an external hard drive, and you copy everything on your hard drive onto the external hard drive, and keep it safe. That way, if your hard drive crashes, then you can take it out, and plug your external hard drive in, and work from that.

Use squalling in a sentence?

The snow squalling made very hard to drive.

How are fossil fuels made more useful?

phones,plastic, and your hard drive

How much hard drive can a motherboard hold?

The amount of RAM it is made to hold.

What does the computer hard drive do?

What does the computer hard drive do?

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