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It's called the inion

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Q: What is a hard knot on the back of the skull?
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What is a Hard knot on the back of your head?

Your pony tail?

If you have a hard bump on the back of your skull and it does not hurt to touch it what does that mean?

i think if you have a bump on the back of your skull, you are getting a tumor.

I have a hard boil type knot with no core on the lower part of my back what could this be?

There are many different things that a hard boil type knot with no core on the lower part of the back could be. It could be infection.

What is a small hard lump on the back of your head?

your skull or a rising

Have a creased knot inward on your forehead?

A creased, inward knot on the forehead is simply the result of how your skull has formed. The skull is in several pieces when a child is born, and it can achieve various common shapes.

Should a black lab have a bump on top of there skull?

Yes. All purebred Labradors should have a knot on the back of their head between the ears.

I have Chronic bronchitis and sore knot at base of skull could they be related?

If it is in the back of neck, go to a chiropractor. More than likely its a sore muscle.

What is a large knot on the back of the neck at the base of the skull that can be moved and interferes with innner ears?

Could be swollen lymph nodes caused by an inner ear infection.

Could a nickel-size hard knot on the back of my neck be something besides a cyst?

A doctor will be able to tell you.

Knot between skull and left ear doesn't hurt but have headache?


Which moth has a skull like shape in its back?

skull back moth

What is a Hard ball or knot of wood?


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