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What is a hater?


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June 16, 2009 8:14PM

"Hater" is a term used by people to try and discredit anyone who criticizes them. Discrediting someone is a way to try and improve you argument. However it is not a very strong argument and holds about as much weight as saying "know you are said you are but what am I". For example " Yeah i know i just killed someone but what you gotta be hating on me....your a hater!" and so on and so on. In summary it is a poor and easy defense against anyone who criticizes you and the minute you resort to using it your IQ drops 50 points. A hater could also be a predjudice indivual. If you are prejudice, that could make your IQ drop too lol. But still I don't think there is just one definition for Hater. So there could be several. Keep looking! Try a local dictionary too :) (Hater can also be a subject)