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It mows and conditions hay.

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How do you replace drive belt new holland 479 haybine?

The drive belt on a New Holland 479 haybine is replaced by first removing the outer cover and loosening the retaining bolts. The belt can then be slipped off and a new belt put in its place.

What do you cut hay with?

A haybine, disc mower or swather/windrower. For smaller areas you can also use a scythe to cut grass for hay.

New holland haybine 479 making a loud banging sound when trying to cut hay?

Check you Chevron press rolls on the end for de lamination.

What is 20 20w motor oil used for?

John Deere Model B uses 20-20W oil. Some shock forks do also. I have an old Hesston Haybine that uses in the hydraulic system.

New holland haybine 479 that needs repaired the cutter bar drive belt any ideas on how to repair it?

there is a belt availble that's called lace belt, you can replace it with that, the belt is made for applications that almost require you to tear the mach apart, to replace it,

What are the items needed to start a cattle ranch?

A whole pile of things: land, fencing materials for building pastures and handling facilities, a couple barns or sheds, feed, tractors, a baler, haybine, a truck, maybe a quad, some horses and tack, and of course, cattle. You may want to live on the ranch so building a house and a bunkhouse for those you hire would be a good idea too.

How is grass conserved as hay?

Grass is cut by a swather, haybine or a scythe then let to lay in the field to dry naturally by the heat of the sun and the wind. Once the grass is dry enough (with only around 10 to 20 percent moisture), it is raked then baled or stacked. The bales or stacks are then placed in a shelter (mainly for square bales), or stacked in a way that it slicks off moisture. Stacks are often covered to protect them from excess moisture.

List of things found on a farm?

On a typical farm (mixed being crop and livestock) you will find: Tractor[s] Seeder Combine Harvester Swather/Windrower Baler Haybine Hay rake Forage Harvester Silage dump Plow Disc Cultivator Harrows Packer harrows Augers Grain bins Grain trucks Quonset Pole shed Barn Fences Gates Scrap Metal Different miscellaneous tools for fixing equipment Gas/Diesel tanks Pick-up trucks House Livestock (sheep, goats cattle, donkeys, horses, pigs, chickens, etc.) Pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.) Storage sheds Feed troughs Bale rings/bunks Manure spreader Garden and garden equipment Post pounder Post auger Mallet Hammers Welding equipment Electrical equipment Mechanical equipment Boards and 4x4's Gun[s] Handling facilities designed for livestock (especially cattle and sheep) Livestock trailer (only for those who have large livestock) Horse tack shed (only if producer has horses) Other odds and ends and other things I missed...

What are the agricultural machines used in the agriculture industry and their pictures?

No pictures. You can look up the pictures on the web as you type in each name into the search bar on Dogpile, Yahoo, Google, Ask Jim or any other search engines. But, here's a nice list of farm machinery:Crop/Hay/Silage Production:Tractors (all shapes and sizes)Baler (Square or Round)HaybineSwather/WindrowerCombine/Harvester (self propelled or pull-type; comes with different types of headers, including corn, and standard for cereal- and broad-leaf-type crops)Seed drillAir seederDisc mowerForage harvester (self-propelled or pull-type)DiscCultivatorPlow (or Plough)HarrowsPacker HarrowsPacker RollerSilage WagonNo-till SeederSkid Steer LoaderAnhydrous ApplicatorSprayerIrrigation systemAugersCotton Boll BuggyCotton StripperCotton PickerPotato DiggerPeanut DiggerCorn PickerMower ConditionerRotary Cutter MowerRakeFlail ChopperChisel PlowRock PickerPulverizerCoulter RipperMulch TillerMulcherNo-till PlanterLivestock Machinery (not including Hay/Forage equipment above)Manure Spreader (including liquid manure)Feed WagonTMR MixerGrinder MixerTub GrinderHammer MillFeed TruckMix MillMore machinery can be found at

When do you plant pastures?

Mid spring is the best time to plant pasture grasses. The seeds have to be fertilized and then packed down so they grow better. DO NOT GRAZE FOR A YEAR. If you do that is the quickest way to kill your pasture. The roots have to establish themselves enough so that they will be able to propogate for the years to come. It also gives the plants enough time to reseed themselves and grow tillers to increase your pasture yield per acre.Often when the grasses first come up the pasture will be just covered in weeds. Don't be alarmed. All you have to do is cut the weeds down with a swather or haybine. Once you get the weeds off (get them baled up right away so you don't kill the newly seeded grasses underneath), the grass will really take off and a person wouldn't know that you had weeds on there in the first place. The advantage of grasses is that their growth points are low to the ground, so if you cut the weeds you don't hurt the grasses. Most weeds are not part of the grass family, which means that their growth points are at the top of the plant, not near the ground. So if you cut off grasses that are trying to grow, don't panic, they will grow back, and remarkably quickly. The grass can grow so fast that the weeds won't even have time to rejuvenate themselves: the new grass will just choke them out. Some weeds are grasses, but in a pasture they are still grasses, and the livestock will eat them most of the time. Quack grass, for example, is a favorite of cattle. It is considered a weed in crops, but in pastures, they're just part of the whole equation.The reason I recommend to cut your weeds instead of spray them is because it is cheaper to cut or mow them instead of spending more money on buying herbicide, spending the time to get everything mixed the right way, etc. It's cheaper to cut/mow, plus it's faster as well.