What is a heard of unicorns?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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The proper term for a group of unicorns is a 'herd'.

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Q: What is a heard of unicorns?
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Is there a movie about serial killer unicorns?

Not that I have ever heard of.

What types of ponies are good with dogs?

I have heard that unicorns are excellent with dogs

Are unicorns Greek or not?

Unicorns have no status in any of the Greek nor Roman times that I have seen nor heard of. Pegasus is the mythical creature of their creation, since the unicorn did not originate in Greece I doubt they had anything to do with it at all. Unicorns are widely known in the northern continents though =)

Is there such a thing as a flappy unicorn?

Flappy unicorns can be found in South Poduck, australia. Of course there are regular unicorns in west asia, but flappy unicorns are rare. considering, they have no bones. I suggest researching on Google. I heard they sell for around $300 and do not deliver. Hope it helped!

are unicorn herbivores?

I have never heard of a unicorn-related myth in which the unicorn was carnivorous, so unicorns are herbivorous, yes.

What is group of unicorns called?

As there is no such thing as unicorns there is no word for a group of unicorns is nathan

What do you call a flock of unicorns?

A group of unicorns is called a blessing of unicorns.

Which is better quadricorns or unicorns?


Are there unicorns in England?

There aren't unicorns anywhere.

What do you think of unicorns?

unicorns are my life . <3

Do unicorns like bacon?

No unicorns are herbivores

Why did the unicorns and lions fight?

Unicorns are mythological.