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What is a heat pump and how does it operate or function?

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This is a very oversimplified answer, which can probably be better answered by an air conditioning professional. But for a simple example / understanding, imagine using an ORDINARY window air conditioner for BOTH summer cooling and winter heating. Basically a window air conditioner takes heat out of the air on one side, and blows HOT air out the other side. That is what it does in hot weather, takes heat out of the indoor air, and moves it outside. IF you were to REVERSE / ROTATE the air conditioner the OPPOSITE direction, it would take heat out of the OUTSIDE AIR, and add it to the INSIDE air. Wait, I can hear what you're thinking, but YES, there is SOME heat even in cold outside air. A heat pump is not very efficient in VERY COLD climates, so the manufacturers usually add an electric heating element to "boost" heat output when there is not enough available in the outside air. Now the heat pump, whether it be a window unit, or a fixed central heat and air unit, is basically an air conditioner which you DO NOT HAVE TO TURN AROUND to change the output. That is accomplished with controls for VALVING which can REVERSE the flow of the referigerant, depending whether heating or cooling is required! Also, for very cold regions, instead of having an air "radiator" [coil and fins] to collect the very little heat from the very cold outside air, some heat pumps use a buried [underground in the yard] tubing system [circulating a liquid similar to water] to collect heat from the earth. The heat collecting grid is buried deep enough to be where the earth stays relatively warm [compared to the surface and air above]. Also, in very hot summer regions, this area stays relative cool compared to the air, and can be used to "dump" the heat from the air conditioning mode, increasing efficiency, and reducing operational costs! VERY simply, a heat pump is a REVERSABLE air conditioner. j3h.

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What is cheaper to operate a heat strip unit or a heat pump?

the heat pump is cheaper but the pump does not work as well when its below 40 out side thats when you want to run heat strip

To heat pool do you turn on pool pump first then heater?

The heater will not operate if the pump is not on.

Which is better Electric heat or heat pump?

Heat pump - lots more efficient and dramatically cheaper to operate. Heat pump is definitely better as it not only saves electricity bills but is also easy to maintain and install.

How can you tell the difference between central heat and air unit and a heat pump?

The heat pump will have an additional component in the outdoor unit, a reversing valve. Additional wiring is also required for a heat pump to operate. (more than the 2 wires used to operate an a/c condensing unit) These are not the only differences, but the easiest to visually spot. lc

Can you mix r22 freon with R410a in a heat pump?

No , they operate at different pressures and are not compatible.

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What is the best buy in a air source heat pump?

A heat pump is cheaper to operate than even a 95% high efficiency gas furnace when the outside air temperature is above 35 degrees. When it is below 35 degrees outside a 95% high efficiency furnace is cheaper to operate. To obtain the lowest possible operating costs a combination 95% high efficiency furnace and a heat pump can be used together. This combination "hybrid" system automatically switches to operate either the furnace or the heat pump depending on the weather conditions. By combining the 95% high efficiency furnace with a heat pump you reduce your energy bills which helps pay for the higher up front cost of a hybrid system. The heat pump looks just like an air conditioner and also cools your home in the summer. A heat pump is really just an air conditioner that has a reversing valve that lets it switch between heating and cooling. For cooling your home the valve allows the refrigerant to take heat from inside your home and move it outside. To heat your home the valve reverses and the heat pump then moves heat into your home at up to three times more efficiently than electric resistance heat. Goodman Makes a high quality heat pump.

How does a thermostatic expansion valve operate in a heat pump system?

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How much does it cost to operate a submersible pump?

The cost to operate a submersible pump depends on how big the pump is and how long its average duty cycle is.

Does your heat pump need freon to heat your house?

Yes a heat pump reverses the function of an air conditioner. Like any refrigerant system if a Technician says "it needs Freon", make sure the leak is repaired first.

Is there a difference between geothermal heat pump and traditional heat pump?

A geothermal heat pump removes residual heat from ground water, while a traditional heat pump removes residual heat from the surrounding air.

Heat Pumps?

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What specifically is a heat pump?

A heat pump is somethign that heats water. It can be used to heat your water at home with your shower or you can have a heat pump to heat your pool at home or work

Carrier Heat Pump?

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Will the fan run during the heat cycle on a heat pump?

Yes both indoor and outdoor fans will operate, the only time 1 will stop in heat mode is in defrost the outdoor one stops briefly to defrost better,

What kind of thermostat do you buy if you have a heat pump?

A heat pump thermostat.

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How do you reset a goodman heat pump?

goodman 10 seer heat pump wont come on were is reset

Is heat a thermodynamic function?

what is heat a thermodynamic function

How does a Stevens 620 operate?

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What water pressure is needed to operate a 21 psi pump?

You have things confused. -Water pressure cannot operate a pump. - More detail needed.

Why is a heat pump is able to produce cooler temperatures?

A heat pump pumps heat in the direction you want it to.

Should the thermostat be set to EM heat if the heat pump has Auxiliary heat?

Emergency Heat [EM] should only be used as a backup if the heat pump fails. EM heat uses 1.5 to 3 times as much or electricity as the heat pump.

Can a heat pump still work if the heat pump is turned off at the fuse box?